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RCIPS Business Centre Closed, 27 October

The RCIPS wishes to advise the public that the RCIPS Business Centre, which comprises the Criminal Records Office and the Security and Firearms Licensing Unit, and the Professional Standards Unit, remains closed to the public as a result of a fire on Monday, 26 October causing extensive damage to the location.

In the interim, all RCIPS Business Centre Services will be temporarily suspended as a result of the damages to the building. Due to the current operational changes, the public is also advised that there may be a longer turnaround time than usual for these documents.

For queries please contact the Criminal Records Office at 945-4924 or by email at

The Professional Standards Unit can be contacted directly by phone at 649-5300, 5301, 5302, or 5303, or by email at

The RCIPS apologizes for any inconvenience that this closure may cause.