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Avoid Courier Delays

1. Agent Authorisation

o Is this is your first shipment with a Courier Service? If yes, you will need to complete an Agent Authorisation form. o It is important that the form is completed and provided to your Courier agent at least 48 hours before your goods arrive.
o A complete form requires: ?

A legible and valid Government identification (colour preferred) i.e. driver’s license or passport. ?
Sign and date form (your signature is required)

o Note that the Agent Authorisation Form is available at or from your Courier or Broker agent.

2. Proper Invoice

o Did you know that 40% of imports reach our shores without an adequate invoice, and is the leading cause of delays in receiving your goods?
o To help avoid the delays CBC requires a Supplier/Sale Invoice
o Supplier’s Commercial Invoices require Proof of payment o Courier system generated Commercial Invoices are not acceptable.

3. Do’s and Don’ts

Do ?

Gather your documents and share with your agent, as soon as you know you are shipping goods. ?
Supply your Courier with PDFs of the Supplier/Sale Invoice/s ?
If additional documentation is required, e.g. approval from the Department of Agriculture, obtain that prior to the shipment arriving. ?
If in doubt whether additional information is required, ask CBC or your Courier agent.

Don’ts ?

Omit or misrepresent the value of your goods (assume “everyone” will know the value of a given item). ?
Supply handwritten invoices ?
Assume your Courier is responsible for proper documentation, no you are!