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Cabinet Post Meeting Summary 12 October 2021

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Martyn Roper, OBE, chaired the meeting of the Cabinet held on Tuesday, 12th October, 2021 in the Cabinet Conference Room, Government Administration Building.  

All Ministers and Members of Cabinet were present.

At this meeting Cabinet: 

  • approved creation of new Equity Investment output EI 88 – Parliament and transfer of funds from EA-141  to  EI-88  in  the  amount  of  $243,765  in  accordance  with  Section  11  (5)  and  11  (6)  of  the Public Management and Finance Act (2020 Revision);
  • approved  issuance  of  a  Coastal  Works  Permit  for  Block  80A  Parcel  58,  subject  to  conditions  outlined by the Department of Environment’s Technical Committee;
  • approved for the following companies to make application to the Grand Court for restoration to the Cayman  Islands  Register  of  Companies,  subject  to  payment  of  all  outstanding  fees  and  penalties:  CHEPSTOW HOLDINGS LTD and CARIB LAND HOLDINGS LIMITED;
  • noted and approved for submission to the Parliament the 2019 and 2020 Human Resources Annual Reports;
  • approved  applications  for  appointment  as  Notaries  Public  for  the  following  persons:  Barbara  N  Bodden,  Yeaneka  C.  Gordon-Lee,  Priscilla  A. Jackson,  Laura M. McGeaver,  Alisha  M.  Racz  and  Abby P. Rainford;
  • approved rescinding supplementary funding previously granted under Section 11, that had
  • previously been approved by Finance Committee under Section 12 of the Public Management and Finance Act (2020 Revision) for the following;
  1. increase of TP 30 – Local and Overseas Scholarships by $1,015,000;
  2. increase of TP 30 – Local and Overseas Scholarships by $163,500; and
  3. increase  of  EGA  8  –  Facilities  Maintenance  and  Operational  School  Support  Services  by  $3,100,996;
  • approved  import  duty  waiver  of  all  brands  of  SARS  CoV-2  Antigen  detecting  Rapid  Diagnostic  Tests  “Covid-19  Lateral  Flow  Tests”  that  are  approved  by  the  Health  Services  Authority  of  the  Cayman Islands or the Chief Medical Officer;
  • approved the Immigration (Transition) (Amendment) Act, 2021 (Commencement) Order, 2021;
  • approved  the  revised  National  Maritime  Strategy and  Terms  of  Reference  for  the  National Maritime Strategy III Code Compliance 2021 Working Group.


Submitted by: Cabinet Office (CIG)