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Cabinet Post Meeting Summary 19 October 2021

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Martyn Roper, OBE, chaired the meeting of the Cabinet held on Tuesday, 19th October 2021 in the Cabinet Conference Room, Government Administration Building.

All Ministers and Members of Cabinet were present.

At this meeting Cabinet:

  • approved the Cayman Islands National Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan;
  • approved the issuance of a Coastal Works Permit for Block OPY Parcel 18, subject to the conditions of the Department of Environment’s Technical Committee;
  • approved appointments of Non-Executive Members to the Board of Directors of the Utility Regulations and Competition for a period of three years; Alric Lindsay, Frank Balderamos and Leroy Whorms and approved re-advertisement to solicit additional applications for positions of Members of the Board;
  • approved re-appointments to the Public Lands Commission effective 1st December 2021 until 30th November 2023; Teddie Ebanks – Deputy Chair and Member; Ezmie Smith – Member, Elsie Kynes – Member; and Shane Edwards – Member;
  • approved the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2021 for onward transmission to the House of Parliament;
  • approved the Court of Appeal (Amendment) Bill, 2021 for onward transmission to the House of Parliament
  • approved the re-appointment to the Law Reform Commission of Hon Justice Alexander Henderson, QC for a period of three years effective 30th October 2021;
  • confirmed approval granted by circulation on 15th October 2021 of the Control of Covid-19 (Testing) Regulations, 2021;
  • approved for Webster Global Limited; DBSD Satellite North America Limited and Liongate Distressed Opportunities Fund to make application to the Grand Court for restoration to the Cayman Islands Register of Companies, subject to payment of all outstanding fees and penalties;
  • approved the purchase of land Cayman Brac, Block 101E Parcel 9;
  • approved the purchase of land East End, Block 75A Parcel 362;
  • approved the following:
    • a policy and protocol to an ex-gratia stipend to offset lost wages or lost earnings for Caymanians and Permanent Residents right-to-work workers and Caymanian small business owners who are unable to earn wages or income while in non-travel related public health ordered isolation or quarantine;
    • creation of a new appropriation – TP 109 – Ex-gratia Stipend Isolation or Quarantine;
    • supplementary funding of $1.0 million to increase TP 109 – Ex-gratia Stipend Isolation or Quarantine; and
  • noted the Financial Report for the period 1st January 2021 – 30th September 2021.


Submitted by: Cabinet Office (CIG)