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Calling all employers! Nominate a VoTech Star.

The Chamber is seeking nominations for six new VoTech Stars – Caymanians who are ambassadors and working in vocational and technical career fields. If you know a Caymanian who is shining brightly in their area of expertise – it could be a diving instructor, a firefighter, a video production expert, an esthetician, a radiologist, or an electrician (The full list of categories is available here: you can nominate them by filling in our online nomination form here

Each VoTech Star tells their own story and what they love about their work through a series of videos that are made available on the Chamber’s website and on YouTube channel. The videos are used by the careers departments of schools and colleges, informing, and encouraging young people about the highly rewarding vocational and technical careers that are available, but are so often overlooked.

All the VoTech Stars are advertised across the Cayman Islands on billboards, and by a Chamber-backed multi-media campaign, giving them the opportunity to speak at school and college career days, and job fairs, getting them excited about all the different options available. We believe the more that young people know, the more they will want to follow a technical or vocational career pathway – something that could be just right for them as they build a sound foundation for the rest of their lives.

Every year, thousands of local vacancies in skilled vocational and technical jobs are not filled by Caymanians, so employers are forced to look elsewhere. That means employers must keep looking outside the islands for the skills they need for their businesses. By supporting VoTech Stars, you are supporting responsible succession planning for your industry, while helping the Cayman Islands build a foundation for the development of vocational and technical talent.

If you need to find out more, then email