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André Martin Ebanks

Andre has nearly seven years of public service experience, most recently as the Cayman Islands Representative to the UK and Europe.

There, he represented Cayman’s political, policy and regulatory affairs; managed relations with British Overseas Territories and the UK Foreign Office; promoted business development; and assisted Caymanians in the UK and Europe with a wide range of matters.

He was previously Deputy Chief Officer in the Ministry of Community Affairs, overseeing the Department of Children and Family Services, the Needs Assessment Unit, and the Gender Affairs Unit.

Prior to that role, Andre served as Senior Legislative Policy Advisor in the Department of Financial Services Policy and Legislation, developing several laws and regulations governing the financial services industry.

Andre began his career at Appleby (Cayman) and subsequently worked in the Investment Funds Practice Group of Walkers (Cayman).

With a B.A. in Sociology from Morgan State University, an LLB from the Truman Bodden Law School, and a Master’s in Legal Practice from Manchester Metropolitan University, he was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Middle Temple in 2005, and the Cayman Islands Bar in 2006.

Andre has been a council member of the Caymanian Bar Association, is a past member of the Cayman Islands Law Society, and a member of the Honourable Middle Temple in England.

His community board memberships include Generation NOW, the Human Rights Committee, the Gender Equality Tribunal and Cayman Airways Ltd.

The son of Attlee Ebanks of West Bay, he is married with two children.

The top 3 national issues to address if elected:

  • Securing a strong economy, which we can achieve by protecting and promoting financial services; safely re-opening borders and establishing the future of tourism; supporting small businesses; and achieving economic diversity by kickstarting innovation and alternative industries.
  • Advancing a sustainability agenda by creating an environmental management framework; establishing a balanced sustainable development plan; accelerating full adoption of the National Energy Policy; protecting and conserving our natural resources; and promoting and preserving Caymanian culture.
  • Benefitting Caymanian families by improving the local standard of living; reducing the cost of living; ensuring employment for Caymanians; prioritising gender equality; enhancing human services; and developing a fit-for-purpose educational system.

The top 3 constituency issues to address if elected:

  • Addressing unemployment and the cost of living. These factors have a large impact on the lives of all the residents of West Bay South, either directly or indirectly.
  • Maintaining communication with constituents and listening to their concerns. I will not be an absentee MP but will convert my campaign office to a constituency office, and plan on maintaining a monthly open-door policy with regular community meetings in the constituency where people can come and listen and talk through their concerns. In addition to maintaining communication, we have to get back to the days of people in our communities helping each other. I’d like to facilitate community workshops / working groups with constituents helping each other; e.g. resume writing help; small businesses looking for interns; entrepreneurs helping each other; bringing the community together blue collar helping white collar and vice versa.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of all residents of West Bay South. We must address the issues of drugs and crime in the constituency as well as providing mental health support.

Why you are running in 2021 elections?

I am standing as a candidate in the 2021 elections because our country is standing at a crossroads and I see division where there should be togetherness. I’m standing because people in West Bay South, and across the country, deserve a credible committed representative who will encourage harmony and the spirit of collaboration. I want to close the divide and put in place the best plan for our people and country, not only for right now but for generations and benefitting all Caymanians. I believe this means securing a strong economy, it means protecting and promoting financial services, kick starting innovation in alternative industries to achieve a more diverse economy.  It means supporting tourism, so that when the time is right, we can reopen our borders safely. It means advancing a sustainability agenda and balancing the development necessary for progress with the needs of our environment. We must be ready to go on day one, and I am ready. I have a proven record in financial services and community affairs, having spent the last seven years in public service shaping policy and providing critical assistance where needed. I have served the Cayman Islands in the UK and the EU fighting directly for Cayman’s interests.  As the Member of Parliament for West Bay South,  I will continue my mission to serve.