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CayHealth Expands Healthcare Benefits

The Health Services Authority (HSA) is improving access to sustainable, high quality primary health care for more people across the Cayman Islands by expanding the CayHealth Programme. CayHealth, serves clients from the needs assessment unit NAU – a subsidiary of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). This expansion now includes all persons receiving care through NAU up from a small sample size of the population initially used.

With the cost for healthcare in this population group rising rapidly, and with high cost, high risk health care conditions common in this group, it is paramount that efficient timely and cost effective care is the foundation of the CayHealth programme. As such, improving clinical outcomes by improving access to care and wellbeing, is the hallmark of the CayHealth programme.

Originally launched in August 2010, the CayHealth programme is designed to ensure continuity of care by pairing individuals with their preferred general practitioner who will be their primary physician and provide quality medical care, maintain their medical records and assist them by coordinating any referrals they may need for additional care. Persons within the programme will also have the benefits of accessing care at the health centre in the district where they reside and have the health care team at their health centres coordinate access to specialists and overseas care if necessary.

“Selecting a district health centre and a preferred general practitioner will facilitate more personalized care,” Director of Primary Health Care and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Samuel Williams-Rodriguez said. “Having a personal physician who knows your complete medical history will help to improve your medical condition and consistency of care, especially if you have been referred overseas.”

He added, “In the coming weeks, all persons, whose care is provided through the DFCS will receive personal correspondence advising of the assignment to a primary care physician (PCP) and further details on the programme”.

Clients residing in the Sister Islands will access care from any of the five physicians at the Faith Hospital and assignment of a preferred general practitioner will be decided based on the physician from whom medical care is usually received.


Submitted by: Health Services Authority (HSA)