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Cayman Islands Government Office UK hosts Friends of Cayman reception with Dart and InvestCayman

The Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK hosted a special event for over 90 friends and associates of the Cayman Islands in London to promote the Cayman Islands as a safe and progressive investment jurisdiction.

Stephen Webster, the current Chairman of the Friends of Cayman, and Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia the Cayman Islands Government Representative in the UK opened the reception with a welcome address.

His Excellency the Governor Martyn Roper was in attendance and spoke about why the Cayman Islands is such a unique place, mentioning the strong combination of Caymanian culture and tradition, strong seafaring roots and the long journey that Cayman has been on the last forty years to be the outstanding financial services centre it is today.

The event was held in conjunction with Dart and InvestCayman, who were on hand to answer questions and assist with those interested in investing in the Cayman Islands. The Honourable André Ebanks, Minister for Financial Services & Commerce and Investment, Innovation & Social Development was in attendance to present InvestCayman and speak to the audience about the Cayman Islands as a home and jurisdiction, focussing on the people of the Cayman Islands, and to update friends about the Ministry of Innovation, Investment and Social Development in the Cayman Islands.

Sue Nickason of Dart commented: “Dart are committed to the long-term sustainability of the Cayman Islands and we have always worked very closely with Friends of Cayman, InvestCayman and other entrepreneurs in the Cayman Islands to talk about what a great place the Cayman Islands is for innovation.”

Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia added of the event: “It was a pleasure to host so many Friends of the Cayman Islands at an event to promote our country for investment, it was an occasion to reunite and network together for the first time following the COVID restrictions and an opportunity to meet new friends, to share with them why the Cayman Islands is the star of the Caribbean.”

The Cayman Islands Government hosted the event also to present a surprise and unique thank you gift of a custom hand sculpted piece of Caymanite from Horacio Esteban to recognise Former Governor Mr John Wynne Owen CMG, MBE, DL who was a long serving member of the Friends of Cayman and Chairman of the Friends of Cayman group from 2005 to 2019.

Mr Owen commented “I am very pleased tonight – which was totally unexpected – to have been granted this wonderful piece of Caymaninte which has been crafted by Horacio Esteban and is so significant as recognition for my time with Friends of Cayman but more significant, as part of Cayman is now going to sit in my cottage in the Isle of Wight and that is wonderful, I am most grateful and it has been a privilege to have been here this evening.”

Friends of Cayman Investment Reception 18 November 2021 – Video Link:


Issued by: Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIG)