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CBC Statement on Protesting at the Government Administration Building

The Ministry of Employment and Border Control (MEBC) and the Customs & Border Control Service (CBC) are aware and understand the “gap” in legislation as it relates to section 111 of the Customs & Border Control Law, 2018 and are looking at options to rectify this.

With respect to the persons recently protesting at the Government Administration Building, CBC has had discussions with them in the past and has advised that any changes in the law would require some time for the Cabinet and Parliament to consider.

As with other persons who are seeking asylum or who have been granted asylum, the Government continues to provide financial support in the form of rental and utilities assistance and in some cases food vouchers as well and Mr. and Mrs. Freites continues to benefit from that programme.

We are aware of the circumstances pertaining to Mrs Alvarez-Freites and the outcomes being sought. While the option to obtain employment through a work permit exists for Mrs Alvarez-Freites, the Government is also actively considering alternate options under the current legal framework that would facilitate her request to remain and work in the country with her family.

The Government will review and consider legislative amendments and will advise when the amendments are agreed.