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CBC Update on Migrant Situation

Overnight, Customs and Border Control Service (CBC) officers were alerted that the infant on board was ill with a fever. Officers made numerous offers to take the mother or the father and the child to the George Town Hospital for treatment as suggested by the Health Services Authority (HSA), however all offers were refused by the parents.

CBC continues to provide the migrants with food, drinking water, baby food for the infant and other necessary supplies.

CBC reiterates that the migrants have been and are being cared for in accordance with local policy which is compliant with the 1951 Convention on the Treatment of Refugees. CBC further states that the claims by the migrants that they are being mistreated by the authorities in Cayman are simply not true.

The Captain of the MV Bulk Freedom has indicated that he unwilling to transport the migrants to any other port, “as the vessels structure and equipment cannot facilitate this number of persons onboard in terms of health and hygiene” The Capt. has also advised that the vessels safety equipment and manning does not allow more than 25 persons onboard as such he is adamant that they must disembark in Cayman.

CBC and the assisting agencies, RCIPS and CICG are actively working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.