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CBC & WORC Warn Against Possible Work Permit Scam

The Ministry of Border Control and Labour advises the public of a letter promoting work in the Cayman Islands that is not affiliated with Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) or Customs & Border Control (CBC).

Acting Deputy Chief Officer for the Ministry of Border Control and Labour Danielle Roberts said: “We are aware of the misrepresentation of ’temporary work permits’ being circulated on social media using a suspicious Instagram account. While investigations are underway, we caution the public to refrain from engaging with any Government social media that may not seem legitimate. All correspondence sent out by WORC is circulated from our main office in the Cayman Islands only using our official letterhead and signed signatories. Members of the public are cautioned against any entity misrepresenting our organisation and are reminded to do proper diligence and research to ensure they are not being taken advantage of.”