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Chamber candidates’ forums scheduled for March

As the Chamber has done prior to each election and by-election since 1988, we will host a series of forums in March to allow candidates from each of the 19 constituencies the opportunity to share their views and positions on key membership and community issues impacting the Cayman Islands. For the first time, all forums will be streamed live and will be recorded and posted to 

A membership survey will be released next week with the purpose of identifying key business, economic and community issues so the Council can develop questions for each of the forums on the topics that are of the greatest concern or interest to the membership. Questions will not be distributed to any of the candidates prior to any of the forums. Each candidate will be given an equal opportunity and time to respond to each question so that voters can compare responses.  Questions can also be recorded and submitted via social media to the Chamber, with all questions to be applicable to each of the candidates. 

“The Candidates Forums are the Chamber’s way of providing a free and impartial platform for all candidates to share their views on the issues that matter most to our members and the various constituencies,” says President Mike Gibbs. “All candidates will be invited to participate and given a fair and equal opportunity to share their views. We regard the forums as an important part of the democratic process for our community. I encourage all candidates to participate.” 

A schedule of forums is being finalised and will be released shortly. An Election Watch section has been created in the Weekly Watch. Regular updates on all election issues will be posted to our website. All forums will be uploaded to the Chamber’s You Tube Channel with directional links posted on the main Chamber’s website.  

Candidates who wish to participate in the forum for their declared constituency should contact Chamber CEO Wil Pineau, CCE at or by calling 743-9122.