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Chamber Holds JA Donor Appreciation Luncheon   

JA Cayman Donor’s Appreciation Luncheon

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and Junior Achievement (JA) Cayman joined together in celebrating some of the companies who have supported the programme, at their Donor Appreciation luncheon, held at Pedro St. James’ Thatch & Barrel restaurant, on Friday 3 March. Junior Achievement encourages entrepreneurship among young Caymanians through school – based modules focussing on economics, financial management and personal goal setting. It was introduced to the Cayman Islands in 1991 by Rotary Central and since then has touched the lives of more than 37,000 Caymanians, many of whom have gone on to become leaders of the business community and entrepreneurs. Last year the Chamber signed an agreement with Rotary to assume responsibility for the running of the programme over a two – year period.

The donor appreciation luncheon was held to thank companies that have supported JA over the years and to encourage them to renew their support after the programme was suspended for two years due to the pandemic meeting restrictions.

Chamber CEO and JA President Wil Pineau, CCE, thanked the donors and JA Cayman board-members for attending the luncheon. He shared an update about the progress that has been made since the Chamber signed the transitional agreement with Rotary Central in August 2022.

“Swan Sandovil was hired as the new JA programme coordinator in late 2022. She has been able to relaunch the Economics For Success programme in Grand Cayman high schools and the JA Company programme in Cayman Brac with the tremendous support of JA advisor Alphonso Gayle.

“We must do more to encourage students, not only to become great employees, but become good employers, so that they can learn to create wealth in their own country,” he said.  

“It is important that we recognise past donors and make them feel appreciated for their commitment to JA,” added Ms. Sandoval, who participated in JA herself and shared how the programme had helped her overcome difficult situations in her school and home life, opening the door for her to become a confident, positive adult.

Chamber President Nelson Dilbert also praised the programme, pledging his support by becoming the first corporate sponsor, donating five thousand dollars on behalf of one of his companies, the Alexander Hotel.

JA Cayman is one of the Chamber’s signature programmes to support, promote and protect Cayman’s community by nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.


Swan Sandoval, JA Cayman’s Executive Director


Past donors applaud as Chamber President Nelson Dilbert expressed his support for the programme.


Chamber CEO Wil Pineau thanked all the donors for their contribution to the programme.


JA Cayman Executive Director Swan Sandoval and Chamber President Nelson Dilbert.