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Chamber launches website as a one-stop source for information

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce has launched a new website – – that they anticipate will be an incredibly useful resource for anyone wanting information on the Chamber and all the great services it offers, as well as providing excellent up-to-date information on the wider Cayman community.

Chamber CEO Wil Pineau said that the new website serves a multitude of purposes.

“Increasingly, the business community, the general public locally and also visitors to the island are looking to the Chamber to provide them with information on happenings across the island, whether that is an update on the latest news, or information on conferences, seminars and events,” he explained. “They may also be searching for who is a member of the Chamber and what services we have to offer. All this and more can be found on our new website.”

Ensuring that the website had a wide set of uses was key to its success, Mr Pineau said.

“Not only did we want the website to educate users as to the benefits of becoming a Chamber member and our suite of signature events and programmes that we run; we also wanted users to make the website their regular go-to when they were searching for updates on happenings and events,” he advised.

In this way, the Chamber have devised a useful tool for users to keep tabs on upcoming events via their innovative Calendar Access function, which breaks down any category for easy navigation when it comes to Chamber events taking place throughout the year.

“Users have a great tool for being able to plan what signature events and programmes they want to be part of,” Mr Pineau added. “Another great feature is our Community Calendar, whereby members and non-members can submit their event to be featured on the Chamber community calendar for free.”

Training is a big part of the Chamber’s offerings and so they have devised an online training schedule, on which the Q1 2021 Training Schedule is now available, enabling users to plan their training in advance with easy online payment functionality.

Other sections of the website are dedicated to advising about Chamber key issues and how people can get involved, as well as excellent member perks and their highly popular discount card.

The website offers easy online payments for all Chamber events, training and membership management, as well as a Member Directory giving a comprehensive directory of businesses on all three islands. Searching for businesses in the Cayman Islands is a straightforward process by category. People looking to advertise their business can do so, with advertising opportunities available to suit all budgets, while newcomers and visitors can search a comprehensive list and links to tourism attractions, legal assistance, charities, organisations and government departments.

“We have put a great deal of thought and effort in ensuring we provide a website that tells the story of the Chamber, educates users as to the comprehensive services we offer, gives an excellent overview of the Islands and keeps people up-to-date on important happenings as well. We anticipate it will be a singular point of reference for an ever-growing body of users who can trust our information and use it to help them navigate their professional calendars on a day-to-day basis,” Mr Pineau confirmed.