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Chamber meets with Government Ministers to produce positive results

Since the start of 2022, the Chamber Council has held meetings with the Deputy Premier, Minister of Financial Services & Commerce, Minister of Health & Wellness, Minister of Tourism and Transport and the Minister of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, and Infrastructure to discuss a range of business-related topics and to establish closer working relationships.

Quarterly meetings have been confirmed with the Minister of Commerce, the Hon. Andre Ebanks, MP.

Topics that were discussed with the Deputy Premier the Hon. Christopher Saunders, MP included the private sector pensions reform, an upcoming minimum wage review, and labour supply challenges that are impacting many member businesses. Deputy Premier agreed to participate in the Chamber’s annual Economic Forum.

During the meeting with Minister the Hon. Jay Ebanks, MP, planning matters were discussed, focusing mainly on the backlog of building control inspections and its impact on the development and construction sectors.

During the meeting with Health Minister the Hon. Sabrina Turner, MP, the Council received an update on the pandemic response and the plans to revise some of the testing protocols for the reopening of the tourism sector. 

Overall, the meetings were cordial with the Council and the Ministers agreeing to meet regularly to address the issues that were raised.