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Chamber members CUC and Dart emphasise focus sustainability

On July 7, at the annual Parliamentary Luncheon, ‘Stronger together,’ ‘Global leader,’ and a ‘Commitment to sustainability” were the take-home messages of VIP sponsors Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC), Dart and Digicel.

CUC focuses workforce devleopment, keeping cost low and sustainable resources 

CUC President Richard Hew began the presentation with a video briefly highlighting the role CUC plays in ensuring that the Cayman Islands is not only powered, but attractive to investors because of its power stability. The video highlighted the company’s continuous effort to support the professional development of Caymanians and ensuring employability with an “84% Caymanian” employability rate.

He emphasised CUC’s commitment to providing reliable and affordable electricity whilst implementing renewable energy sources to reduce dependance on diesel. Hew further showed how the company had consistently research, analyse and
invest in infrastructure and new tech to provide customers with best value while minimising environmental impact.

“Higher costs hurt the consumers and the economy we aim to support. The solution to this problem is to replace diesel as our main source of energy and to move to renewables with a lower and more stable cost,” he said, “To be as forward looking as possible CUC ensured that most of our recent engines, have the ability to switch from Diesel to natural gas and back if needed”.

Hew concluded his presentation with the focus on “The future of energy” in Grand Cayman. “Our vision statement is to empower Grand Cayman to be a global leader. We must move now to green our grid and reduce costs to consumers and to demonstrate to the world our commitment to the environment,” he said.

Dart emphasise “togetherness” for the future sustainability of the Cayman Islands

“Together we can do more” was the key objective of Dart’s message presented by President of Business Development, Jackie Doak.

Dart’s vision encompasses creation and preservation of biodiverse habitats and the extended use of solar energy throughout its developments. Dart has consistently shown that development and conservation can proceed together, and by a continued commitment to landscaping with indigenous plants has resulted in net gains for biodiversity. But natural habitats could also be preserved, by “Building upwards instead of outward,”. Doak called on new regulations
which allow for higher rise structures in designated areas, thereby reducing the development footprint.

‘Acre for Acre’ is a new initiative which will commit Dart to preserving one acre of untouched natural habitat for every acre that is disturbed in development. She hoped that it would act as a catalyst for other developers allowing Cayman to become “A global leader for land conservation.” 

Dart’s vision goes further to encapsulates equipping the next generation of Cayman’s leaders through continued investment in education, training and internship programmes. Dart’s scholarships, Minds Inspired, and a brand-new collaboration with WORC to offer paid training opportunities for hospitality/trade workers reinforces their focus on the development of the economy.

Brining the two together, Dart provided printed copies of the “Focus on Flora” book developed by the Dart team. The book dozens of plants important the natural development of the Cayman Islands.

The Chamber is grateful to VIP sponsor Digicel’s contribution and for providing promotional items at the luncheon for guests.

Full live and recap videos available on Chamber YouTube channel: CaymanChamber1



Photos: Courtney Platt