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Chamber unveils new initiatives: Growth Matters (S2): Financial Services Matters and VoTech Stars programme

Growth Matters (Season 2): Financial Services Matters

The Chamber previewed new Growth’s Matters season ‘Financial Services Matters,’   an animated video series aimed to inform and educate Caymanians and the world at large, at the Chamber’s Parliamentary Luncheon in July.

“The Chamber produced an award-winning animated video series, known as Growth Matters in 2017 ( ). That series educated students and the wider community about how the Cayman economy works and why sustainable growth matters. The Chamber Council has taken the bold step of continuing the animated series focusing next on each of Cayman’s two economic pillars: financial services and tourism,” Mr. Scott explained.  

Financial Services Matters shatters misconceptions about the industry, explaining the services that this sector offers to Cayman’s international clients. “Working together, we can educate students as well as clients and investors about why this industry remains the backbone of our economy and its importance for the future,” Mr. Scott said.

The Chamber welcomes all members who would like to support this educational initiative, to contact Wil Pineau ( 

Chamber launches VoTech Stars programme

VoTech Stars is the Chamber of Commerce’s new workforce development initiative, aimed at informing and attracting more Caymanians to pursuing paths in technical and vocational fields.

The campaign features six (6) Caymanians who are excelling in each of their chosen careers. Each VoTech Star will be highlighted in an individual video featuring a brief background about the candidate, their passions and their personal and professional growth since embarking their their technical/vocational careers.

Cayman’s twin economic pillars Financial Services and Tourism could not function without the army of skilled persons. VoTech Stars will continue to encourage a wholistic approach to workforce development that will help to ensure Cayman’s future economic growth.

“We are assisting the Ministry of Education who understand the challenge and opportunity of attracting Caymanians into these fields by educating and informing about the tremendous opportunities that exist. Thousands of international workers fill many of these vacancies, so we must collectively do a better job of preparing, motivating, and placing Caymanians into these roles. One way is by asking Caymanians who are working in these non-traditional careers to share their stories of success whilst we elevate these career paths,’’ said Chamber President Shomari Scott, who unveiled the new initiative at the Chamber’s Parliamentary Luncheon.

This programme will undergo a multi-media campaign that includes traditional, digital, and public relations approaches. Individuals will be highlighted on community billboards, social media campaigns, radio appearances and public speaking engagements in the schools. The campaign will also include a special reception which will be held to honor of each of the VoTech Stars. “We want to celebrate their achievements, passion, and success,” Mr. Scott commented.

The Chamber would like to thank partners Cayman Contractors Association, Foster’s, Health City Cayman Islands, and Inspire Cayman Training for supporting this programme. If your business would like to support this initiative, please contact Wil Pineau (