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Chamber’s Leadership Cayman 2022 Class to “Locked-In” for Boyz 2 Men fundraiser

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Cayman (LC) Class of 2022 will lock themselves up for 12 hours on Saturday, June 18th in a first of its kind fundraiser for the non-profit organisation Boyz 2 Men.

Launched in 2009 with just three members, Boyz 2 Men’s mission is to provide at-risk young men with skills, mentorship, and confidence for future success.

“When we started this programme, it was because we saw these young men who didn’t have father figures in their lives, so initially we wanted to fill that gap by providing strong male role models,” explained Boyz 2 Men Chairman, Christopher Murray.

What started as a grass roots mentoring initiative has grown to a holistic, experiential programme with curriculum encompassing leadership, culture, civility, and service.  Young men participate in several activities from creating their own resiliency plans to etiquette classes and community service projects.

“Put simply, we are turning boys into gentlemen,” says Murray, adding, “it’s incredibly rewarding when we see boys who would have fallen through the cracks not only finish high school but earn scholarships and enrol in universities.”

LC Class of 2022 selected the non-profit Boyz 2 Men for their community service project because of the positive impact the programme has on the community, and its request for funding for further growth.

The LC class of 2022 has set a fundraising target of KYD 25,000 and will be locked in at the Chamber of Commerce conference room in Governors Square on Saturday, 18 June from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or until the fundraising goal is achieved. Throughout the day, class members will have to earn access to things like phones, food, and water by hitting fundraising targets.

Chamber President and LC alumnus, Shomari Scott is excited to see the outcome of this unique fundraiser. “It is really impressive to see this creative approach to fundraising which not only meets an immediate financial need, but also raises awareness and garners community support for the charity. We need more of helping our young men to challenge their energy into positive activities, so I’m thrilled that this Leadership class choose such a worthwhile endeavour.”

LC class members are appealing to local businesses and community leaders to show their support by making pledges to the organisation. The public, service clubs and community groups are also encouraged to donate – no matter how big or small.

“The Boyz 2 Men is achieving great success on a limited budget mainly through the hard work of some amazing volunteers. The non-profit plays an important role in our society, teaching young men the importance of self-resiliency and community involvement. Supporting programmes like Boyz 2 Men makes a difference in many young men’s lives and helps them to become productive citizens,” said Chamber CEO and LC Alumnus, Wil Pineau. 

Boyz 2 Men has already had a ripple effect with John Gray High School administration seeing a significant decrease in behavioural issues, and Department of Children and Family Services reporting a reduction in youth court attendees in recent years which they credit in part to the programme.

Businesses and the community are welcome to visit the Chamber of Commerce on 18 June from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to make donations and show your support for the Leadership Cayman 2022 class and Boyz 2 Men.

To learn more visit or call 743-9121.