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Chief Medical Officer Offers COVID-19 Safety Guidance for Early Mid-term Break

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee issued a video message today (Thursday, 7 October 2021) offering some COVID-19 safety guidance for families over the upcoming early mid-term break for Government schools, which was brought forward in order to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading further within local schools on Grand Cayman.

Dr. Lee advised families to stay safe by not mixing with other households, children and families over the break to assist in the effort to break the current cycle of transmission.

He also discussed upcoming availability in schools of lateral flow antigen tests for the latter half of the school term. He explained that the simple tests can be done at home and school. He said this would help to identify COVID -19 cases in a timelier manner while also minimising impact on the larger school communities by limiting closures.

Dr. Lee said more details on the lateral flow tests would be rolled out in due course. Delivery of the tests for trials to begin may come as early as within the next two weeks, he said.

The Chief Medical Officer also reminded the public to contact the Flu Hotline or their family doctor if they’re feeling ill with what could be COVID symptoms and to immediately self-isolate.

View the full video here:

Further guidance on what to do to prepare for isolation can be found here:

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Submitted by: Government Information Service (GIS,CIG)