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Commercial Farmers to Receive Grants Under Phase 2 of Assistance Programme

Some 400 commercial farmers across the Cayman Islands will continue to receive grants under phase two of the Cayman Islands Farmers’ Assistance and Relief Measures (CI FARM) programme, starting this month until the end of November.

This was announced by the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure today, Thursday, September 9.

Each commercial farmer will receive a voucher card to be topped up over the three month period to purchase livestock feed, fertilisers, pesticides and other essential agricultural inputs from the Department of Agriculture.

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Jay Ebanks stated that the Government is committed to supporting farmers and strengthening the Islands’ food and nutrition security. “The additional funds of close to half million dollars which we have allocated for this phase of the farmers’ relief measures programme to assist commercial farmers is further indication of our intention to provide support and resources that are needed to enhance food and nutrition security”.

Since the inception of of CI FARM, over 1500 members of the farming community, including commercial farmers have benefitted from the relief measures. The progamme is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture with funding and oversight provided by the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure.

For information on phase 2 of the COVID 19 Farmers’ Assistance Programme, please contact the Department of Agriculture at (345) 947 3090.


Submitted by: Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure