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East End

East End will open the series this Monday evening, with incumbent and former Leader of the Opposition Arden McLean, McCleary Frederick and Isaac Rankine sharing their views on community issues.
All forums will be streamed live to our Facebook or YouTube channels from 7:15pm to 9:30pm and posted to our website. Cayman Life TV, Government Information Services (GIS), Cayman Marl Road, ICCI-FM, and Radio Cayman will broadcast the forums. All forums will be posted to the Chamber website for constituents to view at any time.
If you missed the East End forum and would like to watch the full broadcast please click here

Monday, 8th March
7:15 - 9:30 p.m.


McCleary Dwight Frederick

McCleary Frederick is a retired civil servant with more than 36 years of serving the people and Government of the Cayman Islands. During his tenure, he served in the Public Works Department (PWD.) From PWD he moved to the Department of Planning, where he was appointed Chief Building Control Officer and played a pivotal role in establishing the Building Control Unit and developing and adopting the Cayman Islands Building Code.

McCleary then transitioned to the then-Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, during which time he managed the establishment of a permanent and full-time disaster management agency Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI), eventually being promoted to Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands.

In May 2017, McCleary made history as the first international recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Florida Governors Hurricane Conference in recognition of his contribution to Disaster Management.


Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy & Management, University of London 2001
Bachelor of Technology – Construction Management, Andrews University 1992
Associate of Science – Building Construction Science, Texas State Technical Institute 1986
Associate of Science – Architectural Drafting, Southwestern Adventist College 1983
Cayman Islands High School, Graduated 1978

McCleary has represented the Cayman Islands at various meetings and committees in the region and internationally.

He has always been a resident of East End, and with his experience and qualifications, he believes this makes him the ideal person to represent the East End Community. He is married and has two sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Why Seek Election
The reason I decided to seek election is to be of service to the community and country through representation in parliament. I have spent a career in service to the people of the Cayman Islands and I would like to continue being of service as a parliamentarian having gained a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout my career as a Civil Servant. I have unique skills and qualifications and many years of experience in the Civil Service that would be beneficial to the East End community and the country. This experience gives me an advantage in understanding how the civil service functions and its importance in assisting the elected government to achieve its goals.

East End

In addition to providing proven strong reliable leadership as the representative in Parliament for East End, I will strive to accomplish the following.

▪ Establish a District Council as an advisory body on matters affecting the district. This committee would assist with ensuring that the needs are identified, and strategies are developed to meet the needs through Parliament and the relevant Ministries and Departments.
▪ Develop a Community Development Plan to document the expressed needs and desires of the East End Community. The plan would cover 10 years and would be reviewed every two years to ensure that it remains relevant.
▪ Improve the educational opportunities for the children of East End. They deserve to have modern classrooms and facilities to support their education. Petition for the development of a new primary school at a location that would accommodate track and Field, Assembly Hall, state-of-the-art classroom, and other necessary facilities.

National Issues

▪ Promote the Development of a 10-Year National Strategic Plan. There have been significant changes in the Cayman Islands and the world since the last National Strategic Plan. The beliefs and perceptions of the people have evolved, and a responsible government should consider this when planning and charting the future of the Cayman Islands.
▪ Promote the development of a National Transportation Plan to address the issues affecting roads, and public transport.
▪ Support an increase to the minimum wage.
▪ Ensure the review and advancement of The Development Plan 1997 to better manage the country’s physical development.

Instagram: electmccleary2021

V. Arden McLean

Arden McLean has represented the Electoral District of East End since 2000. During the period 2005-2009, he served as Minister responsible for Communications, Works and Infrastructure with the People’s Progressive Movement. This marked a period of significant improvements to the infrastructure of the Cayman Islands.

Since 2013 Mr. McLean has served as an Independent Member of the Parliament of the Cayman Islands and since 2019 as Leader of the Opposition.

Early in his career Mr. McLean went to sea where he spent eight years as a Marine Engineer. During this period, he attended the Seaman’s Church Institute in New York where he earned  his Marine Engineering qualifications.

On returning to Cayman he joined Caribbean Utilities Co. Ltd., where he spent 18 years, working in various departments, including Engineering Systems Analysis and Customer Service. He retired as a Manager in 2000 to enter politics, where he believed he could make a greater contribution to his country.

Mr. McLean is married and has two sons.

I am running to continue to do the work that is needed for the enhancement of the people of the county. I believe my experience and ability makes me the most suitable person to do that.

The 3 top National Issues that I intend addressing if reelected are.
  •  Set high standards for our schools through the devolution of responsibility and accountability.
  •  Reform our pension system to ensure hardworking Caymanians can retire with dignity.
  •  Reform of our health insurance system to achieve universal health care to provide better treatment for the elderly when it is most needed.

The 3 top constituency issues that I intend if reelected are.
  •  Supporting the completion of the East-West Arterial to Frank Sound Road to alleviate the traffic woes that the people of East End continue to experience
  •  Will advocate for the re-deployment of a Social Worker to the constituency as was the case in the past.
  •  Fostering more sustainable development that brings opportunities to the people while being guided by Vision 2008 desires express by the people.

To view Mr. McLean’s Facebook page please click here.

Isaac Douglas Rankine

Isaac Douglas Rankine was born on the 18 September 1967, to Isaac Jeralow Rankine and Rita Emelda Rankine.  His grandfather was Burnell Dixon whose father was Captain George Dixon after whom the park in East End is named.


Isaac attended school in Jamaica until approximately age 7, before returning to Cayman with his family thereafter attending the East End Primary School.  He went on to receive his high school diploma from the Cayman Islands High School. He attended the Cable & Wireless (C&W) College in UK and completed the B-TEC Technician National Diploma. Mr Rankine also attended various industry related training and seminars in the areas of business and project management.


After completing high school Mr. Rankine worked for a year at the Cayman Islands Public Works Department. He then went on to work at Cable and Wireless and attended the C&W College in the early 90’s. Through hard work and dedication progressed through the Business Unit from Technician to Technical Supervisor, and then into Customer Engineering Manager roles. In the late 90’s Mr. Rankine was transferred into the C&W Regional Office as the Technical Support Manager to International Account Managers. In July 2003, Mr. Rankine left C&W and with a few friends started Business Solutions Technologies Group Ltd.

He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren and lives in East End.

The reason I want to run: I want to be able to make a meaningful difference and contribution that will improve the quality of lives for the people of East End (and the wider Cayman Islands) through the implementation/change of policies. Policies that will accomplish reasonable goals and visions, set in partnership with the people of East End and by working with a duly elected government.

Top 3 Constituency Issues

Traffic issues
The cost of living
Improvements to quality of life and social and economic welfare

Top 3 National Issues

Education Reform
Tourism Re-opening
Affordable Healthcare