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George Town East

All forums will be streamed live to our Facebook or YouTube channels from 7:15pm to 9:30pm and posted to our website. Cayman Life TV, Government Information Services (GIS), Cayman Marl Road, ICCI-FM, and Radio Cayman will broadcast the forums. All forums will be posted to the Chamber website for constituents to view at any time.
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Tuesday, 6th April
7:15 - 9:30 p.m.


Richard Alexander Bernard

My name is Richard Bernard and I’m a candidate for George Town East. I’ve decided to run in this general election because of misrepresentations and a lot of the needs of the constituency not being addressed. Often times there is no contact or dissemination information by the incumbent.

I’m an accountant by profession. I also have extensive hospitality experience working in various hotels here as Night Manager/ Audit. I’m a father of 4, all receiving higher education. I believe Education is one of the key components for the development of our people and the progression of our country.

I’m an avid sports person, having been on the organising committee in 1995 when the CARIFTA games were held here in the Cayman Islands. In 2000 I was the team Manager for the Olympic team in Sydney, Australia to which one of our athletes Sidony Mothersil won a bronze medal for the 200 meters. Presently, I am still a FIFA certified referee for football in the Cayman Islands and still active.

I am running not to aspire as a politician but rather as representative for the people by the people. Politicians dictate but representatives initiate, invigorate and necessitate. When called upon as a representative they should make themselves readily available.

Three national issues I intend to address if elected:

  •  Education for youth
  •  Reduction in the cost of living
  •  Effect change for affordable housing

Three constituency issues I intend to address if elected:

  •  Flooding
  •  Erection of additional street lights
  •  Widening of roads to accommodate vehicle traffic in the constituency of GTE.

Emily Cecelia Ann DeCou

Born, raised, and educated in Cayman, I’ve watched Cayman grow positively in some ways, but overall regress into a country no longer able to empower its own people to prosper. My reasons for running in this election stem from my own frustration as a citizen who is an environmentalist, as poor and antiquated governance has held our country back and destroyed our natural resources.

We have reached a tipping point socially, economically, and environmentally, and we need fresh leadership – to that end, it is an honor to be running to form a part of that leadership which seeks to bring progress and prosperity to Cayman and its people. I empathize for the next generations to come, that at the rate of growth our country has seen, will be left with many burdens to unfairly outlive.

I believe this poorly governed train can be put back on the right path, with strong leadership that works as a team, with integrity, in tandem with the community to accomplish the goal of seeing Cayman prosper, as a Caribbean pioneer for conservation progress, and to see our piece of paradise reach its full potential to grow more sustainably.

I am running to be the change I wish to see in my country, to see our people truly prosper, and to move Cayman into the 21st century – when we know better, we should do better.

The top 3 national issues that I intend to address if elected are: Environmental conservation, Education reform, and Equality for all.

The top 3 constituency issues that I intend to address if elected are: the lack of a district council, unsustainable development, and greater access to mental healthcare.

Instagram: caymanemily

Frank Swarres McField

Dr. Frank Swarres McField is a scholar who is experienced in world affairs and is also a tested and proven Caymanian politician. 

I was born in George Town on 17th October 1948 to Charles Verdun (seaman, fisherman, carpenter) and Martha Onesia McField (market, domestic in hotel industry, sewing factory worker in the USA). 

My mother is the granddaughter of Capt. George Dixon of East End, who was the first Caymanian of color to become licensed qualified as a sea ccaptain in the Cayman Islands.Mamma’s Daddy  was a Jamaican immigrant to the Isles of Pine Cuba. Mamma was born and raised in Isles of Pine, Cuba (now Isle of Youth).  It is now clear to me, that children learn different, and from the outset have different interests. What is taught and how it is taught is important in education. My early children and primary and secondary education was a disaster. It was only after migrating to New York with my parents in May 1964, that I discovered I could learn and wanted to learn.

I attended Curtis High School on Staten Island, New York from September 1964 and graduated with high school diploma in 1967. It was a general diploma and my grade point average was 69.90. This would have sealed the educational career of many, but I was blessed. I became the recipient of a special academic scholarship for High School graduates from economically and academically disadvantaged families. An academic counsellor was assigned to the program. Counselling is a Key to educational success.  Confidence and motivation is important to learning. 

Upon graduating in 1971, from the City University of New York, I returned to York University in England, to study Southern African Politics. I had spent one of my first four years of university studies as an Exchange Student at York University, England. I was accepted there to do a postgraduate B.Phil. degree program in Southern African Politics. And later when to work in Notting Hill, London, as a Youth and Community Worker. There in England I first began to understand how the English School System had labelled the West Indian child Educationally Subnormal (ESD).  

Shortly afterwards I would have my own questions as to why, what is taught, how it is taught and by whom it is taught is so very important. My journey had begun with challenges in my own education. It would now continue by my using my own personal knowledge as researcher, with the knowledge from those who had captured by interest and empathy, to create knew knowledge.  

After some time in London  an additional studies at the University Bremen, Germany. I applied and was accepted to do a doctorate of philosophy in philosophy. I received my Doctorate in Philosophy in July 1997. I returned immediately Cayman, although my parents lived in the US, where I was also a permanent resident. I was dismissed from my employment with GIG in September 1979, for advocating in the Caymanian Compass for Early Childhood Education, rather than a Middle School. 

History has proven me right but most unfortunately we missed important opportunities to have dealt early with social and educational challenges which are rooted in our early childhood socialization. Rejecting a field researcher those personal as well as personal experiences were aspects has cost the researcher as well as the society as a whole.  

It is time for change, we need a sociologist in the House of Parliament, who know firsthand the challenges our educational system faces. Dr. Frank Swarres is the MP, who is needed because Dr. Frank cares and has always cared. I have suffered to serve because I am a servant leader. I want you to elected me, so I might invest my knowledge in our people. April 14, 2021, please give me our vote so that I might with my knowledge to Educational and Social Systems. We must work to change values towards, each other, work and education and I how know. 

Dr. Frank’s first play “Time Longer Dan Rope” became a Caymanian classic and was first performed in 1980 at the Inn Theatre at the Royal Palms. Since then, Dr. Frank has written and performed multiple plays in New York, London, Germany and throughout in the Caribbean. One of Dr. Frank’s plays has always been selected to represent the Cayman Islands at the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA). My work is included and studied in the curriculum at the Edna Manley School of the Performing Arts in Jamaica for their unique Caribbean themes and styles on learning the significance of rituals and religion in the theatre arts. 

My plays are not used nor referenced in our schools, because our leaders do not know or accept the importance of identity in learning. We give away or heritage, our jobs, wealth and power, which is cultural and spiritual suicide  Too many are not comfortable with our identity. We brag about having so many nationalities remaining clued together by their culture. Time for a change in how Caymanians regard each other.


 •  Elected to public office as the fourth elected member for the district of George Town in 1996. In that position he introduced and had passed many Private Members Motions dealing with issues from the Removal of Duties from imported food to the establishment of a government health insurance scheme.
 •  Elected to public office and assigned as the Minister responsible for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs. In that positions he made many achievements for the country, such as:
              1.  Creation of the woman’s Crisis Center, now known as the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre {CICC)
              2.  Affordable housing developments in West Way and George Town
              3.  Eagle House, a separate remand center for young offenders
              4.  Purchase further Land Farms to create agrarian opportunities for inmates during and after incarceration.
              5.  As Minister of Social Services, Dr. Frank was instrumental in renaming and decentralizing the department of Social Services now the Department of Children and Family Services.
 •  He has, over the years, actively engaged in the organization and defense of Caymanian employees and was responsible for the creation of NACE, the National Alliance of Caymanian Employees.
 •  Hosted Public Eye on CITY as a public service program that concentrated on the spiritual, social and political enlightenment of residents.
 •  Responsible for the New Vision newsletter, an informative political journal.

Roy Michael McTaggart

Hon. Minister Roy McTaggart is a former chairman of the Board of Cayman Airways, a member of the Commission for Standards in Public Life and is chairman of the Young Caymanian Leadership Foundation. He has been active in many roles in the community from serving in several posts with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, including two years as president. He has also been the treasurer of the Church of Christ and enjoys mentoring Caymanian students in need of positive role models. He was also a member of the Board of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. Mr. McTaggart joined KPMG in the Cayman Islands in 1985, transferred to their Orlando office in 1986, and returned to the Cayman Islands in 1988. He was admitted to the partnership in 1991, became joint Managing Partner in 2003 and appointed Managing Partner in 2007. He was Managing Director of KMPG in the British Virgin Islands from 2007-2012.

He served as Councillor to the Ministry of Health and served as interim Minister at times from 2013-2017. For the 2017-2021 term he is serving as Minister for Public Finance and Economic Development.

PPM Manifesto:

Christina Hislop Rowlandson

Christina promotes trade with territories and internationally and while a top-level Policy Advisor she represented our Government in Barbados, Brussels, Greenland, Jamaica, Paris, TCI, and Trinidad. Christina is standing for election to represent the People of George Town East district because she feels that all members of our community need more say in policy development.

She firmly believes greater cooperation creates stronger communities. Social priorities include formal District Councils to allow business and family representatives to engage their MP to make their expectations clear and dialogue with developers concerning density, architecture, investment and impact on infrastructure. Christina has qualifications in law and mediation to steer this forwards.

Innovative policy ideas include budgets for locally-inspired art and contributions towards the circular economy e.g. more urban gardening and paying for non-recyclable/construction waste, and a robust recycling action plan to create good jobs and new businesses.

While in the Cabinet Office Christina championed strong government, transparency, excellent risk governance, training, safety of the environment and poverty reduction. Christina provided research on best practice to Chief Officers’ and department head colleagues and led the nation’s bid to build a Doppler radar to improve weather warning systems and to collect re-housing aid after hurricane Ivan which benefited people all over the island. She is interested in national security.

Christina intends to work closely with experts in the Ministry of Finance towards an effective budget that supports fiscal prudence during recession while delivering REAL Representation and results for families, ensuring our community prospers together.

Vote Smart!

3 of my national priorities:

  •  Economic resilience for national security
  •  Following the Welsh in achieving one of the world’s best recycling rates
  •  Policies supporting all families (improved housing) and providing relief to the middle class

3 of my electorate priorities:

  •  Road safety and the unwanted 6-lane highway
  •  Safe mosquito control to reduce cancer rates
  •  Jobs in youth to accumulate experience and skills

Instagram page: electchristinaforcayman