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West Bay West

All forums will be streamed live to our Facebook or YouTube channels from 7:15pm to 9:30pm and posted to our website. Cayman Life TV, Government Information Services (GIS), Cayman Marl Road, ICCI-FM, and Radio Cayman will broadcast the forums. All forums will be posted to the Chamber website for constituents to view at any time.
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Wednesday, 24th March
7:15 - 9:30 p.m.


McKeeva Bush

McKeeva Bush has represented the district of West Bay in the Legislative Assembly continuously since 1984. He is the longest serving member and is the “Father of the House”.

Mr. Bush has served on Executive Councils (renamed Cabinet in 2003) as the Member (Minister) for Health and Human Services, 1992-94, Minister for Community Development, Sports, Women’s and Youth Affairs and Culture, 1994-97, Minister for Tourism, Environment and Transport, 2000-2001, and as Leader of Government Business and Minister for Tourism, Environment, Development and Commerce, 2001-2005.

In November 2001 he was a founding member and leader of the United Democratic Party.

For the past twenty-eight (28) years he has served the Cayman Islands as a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). Mr. Bush is, and has served as, the Vice President and Chairman of the Cayman Islands CPA. He is now a Joint Vice President. He has also served as a Regional Representative on the International Executive Committee of the CPA. Young Caymanians have also benefited from his guidance of the CPA, in the formation of the Youth Parliament. He has represented the CPA and the Cayman Islands in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, the UK, the USA, the Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, B.V.I. and Barbados.

A self-employed businessman (realtor), he is married to Kerry Yvonne Bush, and the couple have two children (1 deceased) and three grandchildren.

Mario E. Ebanks

 As an 8th generation Caymanian Mr. Mario Ebanks has always been a keen advocate and “Servant Leader” – working effectively for various community and public policy advocacy initiatives. His qualifications and track record of service to Cayman demonstrates his readiness to lead. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Major in International Finance & Marketing, a Minor in Economics & Public Affairs and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He was the first Caymanian Manager of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce in late 1980’s, the youngest Country Manager within Esso Caribbean and Central America in the early 1990’s, and a Senior Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Community Development in the late 1990’s. He served as the first Director of Labour & Pensions, and, until putting his personal interests and career on hold to run, he was the Chief Human Resources Officer at the C.I. Airports Authority. A man of Christian faith, with an impeccable record of integrity and adherence to family values, he has a proven track record in senior responsible roles in both the Private and Public sectors as a community volunteer and advocate. He was a Past President and Founding Member of the Overseas Students Association, and the Cayman Islands Society for Human Resource Professionals, as well as a Past President of Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central and Junior Achievement here. You can trust his experience and commitment to benefit all our citizens, children, and future generations. That’s why he’s saying “West Bay West -IT’s TIME for a Positive Change.”

Top 3 National Issues: 

 •  Sustainable Development/Growth Management, including a long-term development plan and Vision (“Vision 2050”) for the entire Cayman Islands. Such a Plan will be all-inclusive and include: the economy, culture, societal expectations and norms, the marine and land-based environment, carrying capacity, green technology and acceptable heritage and aesthetics. Sustainable Development means growing responsibly and sensibly today, without compromising the future generations ability to enjoy quality of life and economic opportunities;
 •  Human Capital Development of Caymanians. If I am Elected on 14th April, one of my national priorities will be to tackle the long-overdue topic of a proper Human Capital, Training, and Succession Plan for these Islands. This will include ensuring that the Education system is enhanced and fit-for-purpose, but will also ensure that the conditions of employment and career development opportunities are fully available for willing and able Caymanians to grasp and retain. This strategy will insist that Caymanians are given fair access to meaningful employment in the Cayman Islands, and ensure that Caymanians are not marginalized in the workplace. We will also review and revamp the Department of Labour and the Department of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC), and create a new Human Capital Development Authority;
 •  Economic recovery for those employed in the Tourism/ Hospitality industry with goal of safely re-opening the industry to the international market, and getting people back to work in conjunction with the successful vaccine and testing programmes. In doing this, we will able be working toward a sustainable vision and “carrying capacity” for the industry. In relation to our other economic pillar, the Financial Services industry, we will protect, defend and promote the industry by courageously embracing international Organizations and Agencies whether they are regulatory or trading bloc, and communication smart to all channels and media. Coupled with this, we will ensure that the careers and opportunities for Caymanians in both industries are sustained. We will also promote new industries and economic diversification.

Top 3 Constituency Issues: 

 •  Creating a West Bay District/Constituency Council to advise and empower local district leadership and empowerment in various important areas including affordable housing, emergency preparedness, beach access, adult education, health care, mental health, and coastal protection;
 •  Create at least one purpose-built Hurricane Shelter and multi-purpose Civic Centre within the West Bay district;
 •  We will develop programmes and policies to promote and empower the youth and families, encourage responsible parenting, and inspire resilient and safe communities. We will establish a holistic review of all related entities and programmes, and develop a Family and Communities Empowerment Act/Law.