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Contract Signed for Completion of Bodden Town Church Multi-Purpose Hall

The contract signing for the completion of construction for the Bodden Town Church of God multi-purpose hall located on Shamrock Road, took place at the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure recently, (December 2020).

The selected contractor for the project is Edgewater Development Limited.

In attendance were Hon. Joey Hew, Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure; Dwayne Seymour, Minister of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing; Kris Bergstrom, Debi Bergstrom, Milton Buchanan, Edgewater Development Limited as well as Public Works Department representatives.

The proposed works will include the partial demolition and alteration of an existing building as well as the completion of construction of approximately 14,058 gross square-feet of unfinished building and other ancillary facility.

On completion the building will function as a hurricane grade shelter which will be fitted with hurricane rated specification for the roof covering and framing, doors, windows, electrical installation including a stand by generator, air conditioning and liquefied petroleum gas provision.

The building if only used for sitting and standing will accommodate a capacity of 441 people. If the building is used for bed and cots only, the capacity is 220 people and where the building is used for a mixture of standing, sitting and beds/cots the estimated capacity is at 330 people.

The projected duration for the $2.55 million contract is seven months.