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Covid-19 Business Impact Survey 2021 Results

The Chamber received over 830 responses to our business impact survey that was distributed on 22 September by both the Chamber and the Centre for Business Development.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond – the invaluable information gathered will be shared with all relevant stakeholders and decision makers.

The survey was split between business owners or managers and employees, with over 530 respondents being a business owner or director and almost 300 being employees.  Of the employees, 24% worked in financial services, 18% in tourism and 13% in the restaurant sector.

78% of employees and 66 % of business owners opposed the recent decision to pause “Phase three” opening until the end of the year.

63% of employees and 56% of business owners supported moving to ‘Phase four” of the reopening plan on or around 1 November.  Over 52% of the business owners indicated that they will need a one month lead time to prepare for border reopening.   

61 % of Business owners indicated that the decision to pause Phase 3 of the reopening plan had already impacted their business in terms of loss of clients.  47% indicated that if borders remained closed that they will require some form of financial assistance from the Government, with a further 27%  being uncertain.

Almost 60% did not know how long it would take them to recover from the losses they have incurred due to border closure.