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COVID-19 Update 22 October 2021

The Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee, reports that as of 8a.m. Friday, 22 October, there have been 574 PCR tests since the last report on Thursday, 21 October. 

Of these, there are four positive travellers tested on exit from quarantine and 30 positive tests from the community which include 11 children. 

Both of the admissions to hospital remain stable.

To date, there have been 111,772 Covid-19 vaccinations given in total in the Cayman Islands.  Of these, 56,106 (79% of 71,106) have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 53,813 (76%) have completed the two-dose course.  Additionally, 1,853 (representing 10% of those over the age of 50) have had a third or booster dose.  


Submitted by: Ministry of Health & Wellness (CIG)