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COVID-19 Update 27 October 2021

The Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee, reports that as of 8a.m. Wednesday, 27 October, there have been 1,350 PCR tests since the last report on Tuesday, 26 October. 

Of these, there are 126 positive tests comprising three positive travellers and 123 positive tests from the community.

Dr. Lee issued a video message today, addressing concerns about the rising number of cases.

He said, “You’ll all be aware that the number of positives is rising quite sharply now and not only in Grand Cayman but in the Sister Islands as well. It’s a concern for all of us and my thoughts are with everyone who is positive or who may have loved ones that are positive and are naturally worried about the outcome.”

The Chief Medical Officer reassured the community, saying, “I think the good news is the large majority of us will sail through this. We may have some minor symptoms, some nasal stuffiness, some sore throat, some cough and a fever. But taking some paracetamol and simple measures such as this should see us through the event, especially if we’re vaccinated.”

Dr. Lee noted that, “Most people will suffer with minor symptoms from COVID-19 disease and that is also the benefit of having high vaccination numbers, because those people who are vaccinated are really protected against serious illness and any other poor outcomes.”

To date, there have been 113,448 COVID-19 vaccinations given in total in the Cayman Islands.  Of these, 56,365 (79% of 71,106) have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 54,136 (76%) have completed the two-dose course. 

Additionally 2,947 (representing 15% of those over the age of 50) have had a third or booster dose.  

Of the total number vaccinated, there is the following age group breakdown for first doses of which 49% are female:

  • 78%       12 to <18 years of age
  • 83%       18 to <30
  • 89%       30 to <40
  • 95%       40 to <50
  • 98%       50 to <60
  • 99%       60 and over

Dr. Lee also advised people to be prepared in the event that they are required to go into isolation, as if preparing for “any disaster that’s approaching such as a hurricane.”

The Chief Medical Officer also addressed public concerns about the time frame of receiving test results, and announced a change in the reporting process.

He said, “I know that some people are somewhat disgruntled that they have not received tests as quickly as they would like. Public Health did aim to phone everybody that’s positive within 24 hours, however with the growing number of cases it’s becoming increasingly difficult.”

Dr. Lee continued, “As a result, a new process is going to be instituted whereby people who are positive will be sent an email just like those who are negative and along with that email will be instructions that anybody who is a new positive needs to isolate and continue to isolate. Those who are vaccinated for 10 days and those who are unvaccinated for 14 days.”

All households are reminded that they must continue to isolate at home, whether test results have been received or not, until they are advised they can leave by a Public Health official.

Those in need of support should contact the Flu Hotline at 1-800-534-8600, 947-3077 or by email to

Dr. Lee’s full message can be viewed at:


Submitted by: Ministry of Health & Wellness (CIG)