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Deadline for Farmers to Apply for COVID Relief Funding Approaches

The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure (PAHI) has announced that the deadline for farmers to submit applications for the Cayman Islands Farmers’ Assistance and Relief Measures (CI FARM) programme is Friday, May 28.

The programme was launched in December 2020 to provide economic support to the local farming community negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis, stimulate interest in agriculture, strengthen the resilience of the farming community and generally promote sustainable agriculture and food security. Successful applicants receive a voucher card to purchase seeds, fertilisers and other essential agricultural inputs from the Department of Agriculture. 

Minister of PAHI, Hon. Jay Ebanks stated that to date many members of the agricultural sector across the Islands have benefited from the programme. “These grants will help to stabilise agricultural businesses which have lost revenues and incurred expenses related to the interruption caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency”, he stated. 

He further added, “I have to thank former Agriculture Hon. Minister Juliana O’Connor-Conolly for all her efforts in establishing the initiative and also this government for continuing with the programme”.

Since the inception of CI FARM, over 1200 farmers have benefitted from the relief measures. The progamme is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture with funding and oversight provided by Ministry of PAHI.

For information about the COVID 19 Farmers’ Assistance Programme or to apply for the farmers’ assistance grant, contact Senior Policy Advisor Demoy Nash at 244-3159.