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DEH urges correct disposal of Lateral Flow Test (LFT)

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is advising residents and visitors that despite Lateral Flow Test (LFT) testing kits for COVID-19 are not considered clinical waste requiring special collection, they should be disposed of correctly and not be recycled.

The DEH recognized that as the introduction of these self-test kits is becoming increasingly common at workplaces, schools and homes, used LFT become household waste and they should still be handled with care, whether the result is negative or positive. Same principle also applies for disposable masks, face covering and gloves.

Once used, LFT must be disposed of safely by placing all of the items from the testing kit and the plastic packaging into the bag provided and marked with the biohazard symbol (yellow triangle). Then put this bag in the general garbage bin for disposal, as indicated in the instructions provided with the kits.

Additional information is available from the DEH at 949-6696. Individuals may also send an email to, visit the DEH’s website at or message its Facebook page at

Submitted by: The Department of Environmental Health (DEH, CIG)