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Department of Environmental Health (DEH) celebrates World Environmental Health Day

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is joining many around the globe in observing the World Environmental Day on September 26. This day is celebrated to shed light on the important work of environmental health teams around the world.

This year, members of the Department took part in the #IAmEnvironmentalHealth global challenge and brought it home to educate and raise awareness about how environmental health is managed in the #CaymanIslands and who make it possible. In doing so, the submitted videos of themselves providing the reason why environmental health matters and how they contribute for a better future.

Director of the DEH, Richard Simms believes this is an excellent opportunity to show the faces of some of those who make the work possible while sharing with the world the diversity of skills, professions, expertise and activities integrated in the Department. 

“The services we provide impact the lives of all residents in the Cayman Islands. Our work protects and enhances the health and quality of life of our residents and visitors by ensuring food hygiene and safety, protecting the quality of our air and water, managing our waste, promotes recycling and so much more. In many other ways, we work to make our communities better today and tomorrow”, he said.

The series of videos are available on the DEH’s Facebook page: