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Deputy Governor Visits Travel Cayman Offices

On Thursday, 5 August, the Deputy Governor, the Honourable Franz Manderson, visited with members of the Travel Cayman staff at their offices. The Deputy Governor along with the Acting Chief Officer, Debbie Ann Whittaker and Acting Deputy Chief Officer, Danielle Roberts from the Ministry of Border Control and Labour, visited both the main office and the Travel Management office at Cayman Airways.

Ms Morris stated, “The Deputy Governor’s visit came just weeks after we hired over 25 Caymanians to assist us in our mandate of protecting our community and borders. We were humbled to have the head of our Civil Service shake hands and express his sincere thanks to our officers who risk their lives daily on the front line. Travel Cayman was built by Caymanians and civil servants. Having the DG take time out of his busy schedule to see and understand the day and life of this team was greatly appreciated by all.”

The Deputy Governor thanked Travel Cayman for their continued dedication saying, “It has been one year since we have seen community spread in our Islands and the people responsible are in this room.”   


Submitted by: Travel Cayman (CIG)

Travel Cayman Department (TC) is the public sector agency with responsibility for the oversight of travellers arriving in the Cayman Islands.
A major function of Travel Cayman is to assist with safeguarding the community from the potential spread of COVID-19 by arriving travellers who may be carriers of the virus. For more information on travel to the Cayman Islands, visit