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Elections Office Confirms Complaint

The Elections Office confirms that it has received a complaint 14 April 2021 from a candidate concerning the handling of ballot boxes during the General Election.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell notes that section 51 (4) of the Elections Act (2021 Revision) empowers Returning Officers to make provisions for the safe custody of ballot boxes, but does not specify how this process should take place.

“We have always ensured that all mobile and postal ballot boxes are transported in sealed condition, from a secure location to the respective counting station. This year as an added precaution, we have used police escort when transporting mobile and postal ballot boxes.

“Furthermore, before the boxes are opened, candidates’ agents are able to examine the boxes’ seals for their signatures, which were placed there when the boxes were being sealed up and securely stored.

“As such, the process of transporting ballot boxes is both secure and in full compliance with the law.”