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Elections Office Publishes Candidate Returns

The Elections Office published a summary of candidates expense returns in the 2021 General Election on Saturday, 29 May.

The 2021 General Election saw 50 candidates contesting seats in 19 electoral districts across the Cayman Islands. Following nomination day on 1 March 2021, candidates had 45 days of formal campaigning ahead of the 14 April General Election. All but three candidates have now submitted expense returns.

For the reporting period of 1 March 2021 to 14 May 2021, returns submitted by candidates and parties detail expenditures totalling $1,228,657.09 and third-party revenues of $548,016.27.

Expenditures per candidate reported during the period ranged from a low of $2,940 to a high of $39,981.76. The latter figure represented the average spending across the 12 members of the Alliance.

Declarations of third-party revenue, inclusive of monetary contributions and contributions of goods and services, ranged from $0 to $47,103.70 during the reporting period.

Thanking the 2021 General Election candidates and parties for submitting their returns Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell notes that the current legislation has no provisions for penalties for non-submission of returns from candidates who are not sitting members of the Cayman Islands Parliament. “Nonetheless, I urge the remaining three 2021 candidates to file their returns of revenue and expenditure”, Mr Howell remarked.

He added that he looked forward to working with the Cabinet and Parliament to progress the modernisation of elections legislation, particularly in the area of Election Campaign finance reporting.

In keeping with the Elections Act, the candidate expense returns are available for inspection at the Elections Office, Bay Town Office Suites, 68 West Bay Road in George Town between 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

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