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Mentoring Cayman

Our children are our future, so it is our duty to ensure that they receive the right encouragement and guidance during their education. Since 2002, the Chamber of Commerce has been providing students with the guidance they need through Mentoring Cayman.

In partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage, the programme pairs a high achieving year 11 student from a public or private school, nominated by their principal, with an influential and motivated member of the business community or Government, with the latter working as the mentor.

Through active engagement and interaction, the student will shadow their mentor, acquiring skills and tips on how to prepare for their future career path, and the mentor will provide advice for their mentee to ensure that they continue to develop.

The motivation and encouragement of a leading business member or Government official in the Cayman Islands is priceless, and the students in our community benefit greatly from such interaction. The programme also provides access and opportunity for students which won’t be found elsewhere in the Cayman Islands.

Mentoring Cayman is a rewarding opportunity for students and mentors alike, and we would be privileged to e you take part in this life-changing programme.

Special thanks to our 2021 sponsors:
CaribbeanMGT Ltd., Consolidated Water Cayman Ltd., Cox Lumber Ltd., Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Company, KPMG, and Rocky’s Diamond Gallery

Additional information for Mentors:
Mentor Application Form

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with my mentee. Through the programme it helped me be more in touch with everything that goes into running a business and compartmentalizing it to be able to show someone else. There are many components, both within the daily tasks as well as outside the four walls, that help establish a successful business, and in order to be successful at running one you need to ensure there is commitment to all functions. This is what I hope my mentee walked away with and what I hope inspired her to one day take on her own identity with her future business.” Mentor: Mary Pandazedes, Cayman Cost-U-Less ltd. (2021).




“This is one of the greatest way to give back, seeing mentees grow into responsible people and helping then make important decisions of their careers is priceless.” Mentor: Richard Maparura, Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited (2019-2021).