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Resilience Cayman

Resilience is the ability of a person and of a society to adapt to change and bounce back from adversity.  In this COVID-19 era, it will take each resident and organisation in the Cayman Islands (private and public sector) to step up and work with each other to solve our community’s most critical challenges of meeting everyone’s basic needs for food, shelter, healthcare and jobs.

“Resilience Cayman”, A community service initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, is a volunteer-run initiative established to help connect non-profits, entrepreneurs and businesses with tools, funds and volunteers to identify, assess, and meet community needs as they emerge during times of crisis.

The initiative launched with four key programs:

Local Market –  an online farmers’ market to facilitate direct sales of local produce between farmers and residents.

Financial Support – provide financial support to eligible individuals and families. Programs include food voucher, daily meals and utility relief initiatives

Financial Coaching – budgeting tools and skills training for individuals and families experiencing economic hardship

Youth Leadership – connecting employers and qualified interns, providing them with work experience and educational grants while helping local business growth

Requests for support, and to volunteer for any one of the four key programs can be made through the Resilience Cayman website at or by clicking on the links above.

Businesses, farms and non-profit organisations that would like to partner with Resilience Cayman, or anyone interested in more information on the programs or to donate are invited to email