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Advanced Microsoft Word

Via Zoom – From the convenience of your desk or the comfort of your living room

In this Microsoft Word training class, persons learn advanced techniques, such as working with tables of contents, footnotes, and endnotes, adding comments, tracking changes, comparing and combining documents, creating envelopes and labels, using Mail Merge, and protecting documents. This class is for Word on Windows.

At the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in these areas:

  • Working with Long Documents
  • Adding a Table of Contents
  • Updating the Table of Contents
  • Deleting the Table of Contents
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Citations and a Bibliography
  • Adding an Index
  • Creating a Master Document
  • Review and Collaborating on Documents
  • Adding Comments
  • Tracking Changes
  • Viewing Changes, Additions, and Comments
  • Accepting and Rejecting Changes
  • Version History
  • Comparing and Combining Documents
  • Creating Envelopes and Labels
  • Using Mail Merge
  • Protecting Documents
  • Making Word Documents Read Only
  • Password Protect Word Documents
  • Removing Metadata from Files
  • Restrict Formatting and Editing
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Adding Watermarks
  • Adding Titles to Sections
  • Inserting Built-in Fields
  • Using the Go To Feature
  • Using Macros
  • Macro Security
  • Using Microsoft Translator
  • Using the Cloud
  • Sharing  document

Important course requirement: 

  • All participants must have access to a computer to follow and to practice during the session. Access to a second computer screen during the session is ideal but not essential to participation in the course.



INSTRUCTOR – Allison Smith

Allison Smith earned a B. Sc. in Computer Science (2001), D. Ed. in Science (2002) and M. Ed. in Administration (2011) while attending the University of the West Indies. She has taught Computing, Science and Mathematics in secondary schools for almost 20 years. Allison is currently, head of a computing faculty, a supervisor of teacher substitution, student reports and school timetables as well as robotics coach.

Allison introduced Robotics to the CPHS students in 2010. Her robotics program started with 14 KS3 students but, with the aid of a Joanna Clarke Excellence in Education grant (2012) and Dart sponsorship (2018), the program currently cates for over 150 students in KS3, KS4 & KS5. Robotics is a key component in the Computing curriculum offered in Cayman Prep and High School and is extended into their afterschool club. Allison is one of the Technical Mentor for the National Robotics team. She has been awarded FIRST Lego League Mentor of the Year twice, first in 2012 and then in 2019. Allison continues to promote STEM in both private and public schools through the incorporation of Robotics in our schools’ curriculum.

Allison believes that emerging technologies, such as educational technology, information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence are advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, no matter how people choose to spend their time, there needs to be ways for them to live fulfilling lives during this technological revolution. This belief fuels her motivation to equip persons in her community with the technological skills that they need to live their best lives. Her motto is “The future is now”.

Special Notes for Registrants:

  • You must pay for this course before you can receive the Zoom link and password to attend the session/s.
  • If you are registering multiple persons for this course, please ensure that you insert a separate email address for each person, or otherwise make suitable arrangements for each course participant to access the Zoom invitation link (which will be sent via the email/s provided) and to join the session from a computer.

Technical Requirements for participating in this course via Zoom:

Please note that you will need to have Zoom installed on your device prior to joining the session. You can set this up ahead of time by following the steps here or by joining the class early and clicking on the invite link, which will prompt you to install the application if it’s not already on your device. There will be no “dial-in” access, so please be prepared to join via your web browser and have your audio, microphone and video settings configured. Both video and audio participation are mandatory for this course.

Remote Participation Guidelines

  • Please be mindful of noise in your surroundings when attending the session.
  • When connecting to the Zoom session, your Zoom username should clearly state your first and last name.
  • Depending on the Instructor’s preference, the host may or may not mute your microphone by default.  If your microphone is muted by default, the host will  unmute it when you indicate you wish to ask a question or make a comment or when you are invited by the facilitator to make a contribution.
  • If you wish to make an intervention during the session, you simply need to  click on the “raise hand” symbol at the bottom of your screen. Once the host indicates the moment you can intervene, he/she will unmute your microphone (if it is muted) and display your image on screen.
Event Item Name Expires Pricing
Supporting Businesses & Individuals Through Virtual/Online Training – Advanced Microsoft Word – 25 & 28 September 2020 – Member Sep 27, 2020
Supporting Businesses & Individuals Through Virtual/Online Training – Advanced Microsoft Word – 25 & 28 September 2020 – Future Member Sep 27, 2020

The event is finished.


Sep 25 - 28 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Latest updates

  • George Town, 1 December, 2023 — Deloitte has announced the appointment of Cindy Hislop to Managing Partner in the Cayman Islands, effective December 1st, 2023. Cindy Hislop succeeds Stuart Sybersma, who has served as Managing Partner of Deloitte in the Cayman Islands since 2012, and will be retiring on May 31st, 2024. This announcement follows a series of milestones for the firm, including their 50th Anniversary in the Cayman Islands, and the relocation of their local office to Camana Bay. For more than three decades, Stuart served Deloitte’s clients and people in multiple roles, within the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean and Bermuda Region (‘CBC’), and globally. These included as Financial Advisory Partner, Cayman Islands Managing Partner, and Chair of the regional (CBC) Board. Under Stuart’s tenure, Deloitte experienced continued and exponential growth, driving industry expertise and innovation, solidifying its market leadership. Stuart also spearheaded impactful community programs such as Deloitte’s WorldClass commitment – focused on providing education and access to opportunities for underprivileged members of the community; and WorldClimate – Deloitte’s global sustainability initiative. Cindy Hislop has been with the with the Cayman Islands firm for almost thirty years, and became Partner in 2008. She has a remarkable trajectory in diverse roles within the firm, including as Audit & Assurance Partner, Talent Partner, Cross-Border Audit Leader, Crisis Management Team Leader, and as a Member of Deloitte’s regional (CBC) Board. As a Deloitte Scholarship recipient herself, Cindy continues supporting the program as a member of the Scholarship Committee. In addition to her Deloitte roles, she has also served for many years as Chair of the Cayman Board of Directors for Help For Children (‘HFC’), and as a Member of the Global Board of HFC. Stuart Sybersma said his successor’s “expertise, sharp client focus and people-centric nature have steadily contributed to the firm’s growth and journey towards market leadership. “Cindy is an exceptional leader, deeply connected to our people and community. She has been an outstanding role model to young Caymanians and all professionals who aspire to succeed in their chosen career.” He added, “Having worked together for decades, I am excited for Cindy’s appointment to our new Managing Partner, a position I know she will excel in.”

  • Are you seeking to introduce new products to the local marketplace or to become a representative for new lines of products or services from different countries? Panama is the newest destination now served by Cayman Airways and the Chamber wants to help you to explore this new destination as part of a trade mission scheduled for between 4 and 7 March 2024, with an option to stay until 11 March. Our mission will use the Chamber’s contacts to link small, medium-sized, and growing businesses here with important suppliers, government officials, and trade associations in Panama. Delegates who attend the mission will attend the Expocomer Trade Show, the largest gathering of exhibitors from around the world in Central America. Establishing different trade routes is vital for Cayman’s ongoing success and resiliency. In June 2023 Cayman Airways opened a direct flight to Panama which provides many exciting opportunities for trade. President Nelson Dilbert and CEO Wil Pineau joined the CAL and government delegates with the purpose of connecting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Panama. The trade mission in March 2024 is the result of their efforts, building on earlier trade missions beginning in the mid-2000s when CAL first opened the route. With significant increases in the cost of living and the cost and doing business, more direct options for trade are certain to offer new opportunities to local businesses, who will be able to cut costs by cutting out unnecessary intermediaries.   The trade mission package will include admission to the Expocomer Trade Show hosted by the Panama Chamber of Commerce, an optional trip to the Free Trade Zone and the Panama Canal, transportation, hotel accommodations, and a welcome reception. If you are interested in attending, please contact Wil Pineau at 743-9122 or email or Emily Sintorn at 743-9126 or email      

  • Observe the joy in your loved one’s eyes as he or she discovers the perfect gift nestled under the tree.  “We believe in making your moments sparkle,” said Rocky’s owner, Rakesh Baxani. Rocky’s Diamond Gallery specialises in unique items of jewelry, to match unforgettable moments in life: “From dazzling rings and timeless necklaces to beautiful bracelets and watches, you are welcome to browse our selections at  visit our waterfront showroom in Georgetown to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. At Rocky’s Diamonds, we make moments into masterpieces,” Rakesh said.  

  • More than 50 members, friends, and family were treated to an amazing journey through 5,000 years of Greek history, during the Chamber Travel Club’s trip to Greece in October. The trip included many different tours to spectacular sites, enabling the travelers to walk in the footsteps of Socrates on the Acropolis, examine artifacts of Athens’ Golden Age at the outstanding Acropolis Museum, or sail through the scenic Corinth Canal and enjoy the insights of a local guest speaker on the contemporary Greek economic and social scene. The Chamber Travel Club is a great, stress-free way to explore the wonders of the world. Airfare, transportation, tours, and accommodation are included in an affordable package price. Members and guests can spend less time worrying and more time relaxing while enjoying local culture, sights, and sounds. In previous years, the Chamber Travel Club has visited the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru. Just one more benefit of being aChamber member! Next year’s destination is a safari in South Africa. You will be able to book your trip in early 2024, so look out for the announcement in Commerce Matters so that you can take advantage of our ‘Early Bird’ discounts!        

  • New rules, unanimously passed by MPs on Thursday 23 November, will allow Caymanians to withdraw pension money to pay off mortgages or help to buy or build new homes, subject to conditions. MPs voted in favour of the National Pensions Amendment Bill on the third reading. There were significant amendments made to the bill during the committee stages which increased the maximum withdrawal allowable for construction or home purchase from $35,000 to $50,000, while increasing the amount to pay off an existing mortgage to $100,000. For more information contact the Cayman Islands Department of Labour and Pensions here:

  • Established in 2018 by Mirabelle D’Cunha, Sivananda Wellness, and Movement Ltd helps individuals and organisations increase energy and improve clarity, and fulfillment using mindfulness, resilience, and vetted technology-driven biometric stress management programs. “I saw that stress management and resilience were offered more as wellness tasters, well-intentioned but ineffective because of the lack of consistency in taking theory into practice,” D’Cunha said. ’Employees, who are real people, saw stress as something that was wrong with them, something out of their control. I want people to understand the neurobiology of stress and then take consistent action to hack the stress response and convert it into the flow response. When we understand science, we can understand our system and we can take charge of rewiring it. That is true empowerment and that is always my approach.” “When I first arrived in Cayman, my focus was on getting my young family settled, to enable me to be optimally placed to support others. My foray into corporate work came through my one-to-one clients who are mostly high achievers who had challenges with focus, memory, sleep, and hypertension. They experienced significant changes working one-to-one and invited me to present short lunch and learns as well as longer programmes at their organisations.” Sivananda Wellness and Movement’s clients include several accounting firms, real estate companies, law firms, regulatory organisations, and several not-for-profits including the National Trust, and Cayman Islands Cancer Foundation. “I partner with their HR departments. Right now, I am doing a whole cohort with the Caribbean jurisdiction of a ‘Big-4’ accounting firm, a one-month programme using technology and biometrics to shift their stress responses. You can think of them investing three minutes, three times a day to take their nervous system to the gym,” D’Cunha said.  “It is beneficial because it’s not based on a one-off ‘lunch-and-learn’ sort of model, but because they practice stress management techniques daily. The more you practice, the better your stress response. This can mean long-lasting benefits for individuals, employers, and the wider community.” “My goal is for more programmes that are based on small steady incremental shifts every day for sustained change.  What I do differently from everybody else is provide daily accountability and support. For example, the Heart Math programme has participants practicing for three minutes three times a day using breathing and biometrics to shift from a state of stress to a state of ease. Every week on our call, they learn a simple new technique, share their questions and we troubleshoot any challenges with them nurturing their goal.” For more information visit  or email

  • Cayman Connection is a global not-for-profit membership organisation connecting, supporting, and celebrating a global community of Caymanians, friends, and associates of the Cayman Islands. Kate Kandiah founded the network in 2012 in conjunction with CIGO-UK and DOT. “Our vision is to connect the Caymanian diaspora to home whilst providing opportunities to improve their quality of life abroad. Through access to our services and unique network, our global community promotes the Cayman Islands and our way of life to benefit all Caymanians,” said Executive Director, Ashlea Smith. Cayman Connection’s mission is to build a strong support network of people through a shared connection to the Cayman Islands and across the world. It includes supporting the well-being of all young people of the Cayman Islands, whilst living, studying, or working overseas. While promoting knowledge, skill building, and connectivity among Caymanians overseas. “We take an inclusive Taking an inclusive approach to all those who love Cayman + Working collaboratively with others I nfusing fun into all we do,” Ashlea said.  While Cayman Connection was born from supporting students and young people of Cayman, the network has grown to become a platform serving members across the globe. It has expanded its reach to anyindividualliving or moving overseas associated with the Cayman Islands. Activities and programmes support and celebrate the overseas community, such as the ‘Making Waves Awards’ programme, which recently held its awards evening at the National Gallery, and the ‘A-Z series for overseas students. “We are excited about our future work with the Chamber of Commerce, and through this invaluable relationship, we will undoubtedly position our organisation to reach new heights. We believe that the training we will access, and the connections we will make as members of the Chamber will be imperative to the growth of Cayman Connection’s success.” Ashlea said.

  • Mark the date!  Five different companies created by Junior Achievement (JA) students will be showcasing their unique products at the JA Holiday Market, held at The Paseo, Camana Bay, on Saturday, 16 December from 4 pm to 8 pm.    The JA Companies programme encourages the Year 11 students, drawn from Cayman’s High Schools, to start their own businesses, and develop their own products and marketing strategies, with the help of experienced business advisors from member companies, who volunteer to guide the students. “We would love to see as many people come out to support the market,” said Programme Coordinator Swan Sandoval. “This market represents the culmination of eight weeks of hard work, both from the students themselves, and volunteers from each of the advisor companies, without whose help and guidance the programme could not have gone ahead. A huge thank-you to Cayman Airways, CIMA, CITCO, Dart, and MUFG.” Around 12 students, aged between 16 to 18, comprise each of the companies, creatively using their talents to form teams that make unique products, market and sell them. “Recreate,” is acompany focusing on reusing, recycling, and repurposing. “Beaded and Braided,” makes beautiful and unique jewelry, while “Crafted” is a company making wonderful wire sculptures for home décor. “Prop – focuses on plant propagation, while “Interlocked,” makes beautiful jewelry holders. If you would like to find out more, and maybe pick up some unique gifts for Christmas, then come to the JA Holiday Market to support Cayman’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

  • Nominations are being accepted from interested Chamber members in good standing who would wish to be considered to serve on the Chamber Council. The following positions are available for nomination: Vice President, Treasurer and Councillor (3 positions) The Vice President’s role is a four-year commitment. Once elected, the Vice President would automatically assume the office of President-Elect (2025), President (2026), and Immediate Past President (2027). The Vice President serves on the Chamber’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets monthly or more frequently if necessary. The Treasurer is elected each year and is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the organisation and works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and chairs the Budget and Finance Committee. The Treasurer also serves on the Chamber’s Executive Committee. A Councillor serves two years (2024 & 2025) and is responsible for providing the Council with updates on the industry sector that he/she represents. The Council is the policy making body for the organisation and works closely with the Chief Executive to develop the Chamber’s Strategic Plan, Advocacy Plan and Legislative Agenda. If you wish to be considered for any of the above roles, please submit a short biography and a picture to by Friday, January 6, 2024.

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