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Intermediate Microsoft Word

Persons in this Intermediate Word training class should already be able to create, edit, and print Word documents on Windows. In this class, you will learn advanced formatting, use Word drawing tools, create and manage tables, and work with column layouts.Headshot of Allison Smith, Intro to Microsoft Word Training instructor.

At the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in these areas:

  • Advanced Formatting
  • Shading and Borders
  • Setting Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Changing Styles
  • Resolving Multi-Document Style Conflicts
  • Paragraph Marks and Other Formatting Symbols
  • Editing PDF Documents in Microsoft Word
  • Working with Tables
  • Inserting a Table
  • Converting Tables to Text
  • Modifying Table Dimensions
  • Merging Cells
  • Splitting Cells
  • Applying Formulas to a Table
  • Table Styles
  • Working with Images
  • Inserting Images
  • Placing and Sizing Images
  • Wrapping Text around an Image
  • Page Layout
  • Orientation and Paper Size
  • Formatting Text in Columns
  • Add Linked Text Boxes
  • Working with Fields

Important course requirement: 

  • All participants must have access to a computer to follow and to practice during the session. Access to a second computer screen during the session is ideal but not essential to participation in the course.



INSTRUCTOR – Allison Smith

Allison Smith earned a B. Sc. in Computer Science (2001), D. Ed. in Science (2002) and M. Ed. in Administration (2011) while attending the University of the West Indies. She has taught Computing, Science and Mathematics in secondary schools for almost 20 years. Allison is currently, head of a computing faculty, a supervisor of teacher substitution, student reports and school timetables as well as robotics coach.

Allison introduced Robotics to the CPHS students in 2010. Her robotics program started with 14 KS3 students but, with the aid of a Joanna Clarke Excellence in Education grant (2012) and Dart sponsorship (2018), the program currently cates for over 150 students in KS3, KS4 & KS5. Robotics is a key component in the Computing curriculum offered in Cayman Prep and High School and is extended into their afterschool club. Allison is one of the Technical Mentor for the National Robotics team. She has been awarded FIRST Lego League Mentor of the Year twice, first in 2012 and then in 2019. Allison continues to promote STEM in both private and public schools through the incorporation of Robotics in our schools’ curriculum.

Allison believes that emerging technologies, such as educational technology, information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence are advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, no matter how people choose to spend their time, there needs to be ways for them to live fulfilling lives during this technological revolution. This belief fuels her motivation to equip persons in her community with the technological skills that they need to live their best lives. Her motto is “The future is now”.

Special Notes for Registrants:

  • You must pay for this course before you can receive the Zoom link and password to attend the session/s.
  • If you are registering multiple persons for this course, please ensure that you insert a separate email address for each person, or otherwise make suitable arrangements for each course participant to access the Zoom invitation link (which will be sent via the email/s provided) and to join the session from a computer.

Technical Requirements for participating in this course via Zoom:

Please note that you will need to have Zoom installed on your device prior to joining the session. You can set this up ahead of time by following the steps here or by joining the class early and clicking on the invite link, which will prompt you to install the application if it’s not already on your device. There will be no “dial-in” access, so please be prepared to join via your web browser and have your audio, microphone and video settings configured. Both video and audio participation are mandatory for this course.

Remote Participation Guidelines

• Please be mindful of noise in your surroundings when attending the session.

• When connecting to the Zoom session, your Zoom username should clearly state your first and last name.

• Depending on the Instructor’s preference, the host may or may not mute your microphone by default.  If your microphone is muted by default, the host will unmute it when you indicate you wish to ask a question or make a comment or when you are invited by the facilitator to make a contribution.

• If you wish to make an intervention during the session, you simply need to click on the “raise hand” symbol at the bottom of your screen. Once the host indicates the moment you can intervene, he/she will unmute your microphone (if it is muted) and display your image on the screen.

Event Item Name Expires Pricing
Intermediate Microsoft Word – 13 & 20 November 2020 – Member Nov 15, 2020
Intermediate Microsoft Word – 13 & 20 November 2020 – Future Member Nov 15, 2020

The event is finished.


Oct 13 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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