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Ready 4 Business (Webinar Series): Employers guide to human resources

Human resources considerations are one of the most challenging issues facing employers as we prepare to reopen our borders and learn to live with the spread of COVID-19 in our community and in the workplace. Employers have many questions such as: if an employee can work from home, does the employer have to let them? If not, can the employee utilize their vacation and sick days? What if the employee has children at home? Can an employer mandate vaccination? Is that legal or against the rights of the employee? What about the data protection matters with reporting confidential health information? Who submits the test results to Public Health – the employee or employer? Is there a verification process to eliminate false negatives? Can employers amend duties and roles for work permit holders who are required to be in quarantine? These are questions that employers need clarification and this webinar will address many of these questions based on the current legal understanding of the Labour Act.

About the webinar series:  
The one-hour webinars will be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and facilitated by experts identified by the Public Health, the Health Services Authority and other relevant Government experts.   Each webinar will be recorded and posted to the Chamber reopening website and shared with other organisations that may wish to distribute them. The webinars are by registration through the Chamber of Commerce and is free to all.   The webinars will be promoted by the Chamber of Commerce.

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Dec 08 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Via Zoom
From the convenience of your desk or the comfort of your living room
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