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SLII® Leadership Model

Event Item Cost
Member CI$900.00
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Registration Deadline: 27 October 2021

SLII® Leadership Model is a Training Course using official materials from The Ken Blanchard Companies. SLII® Leadership Model is the world’s most taught leadership model—because it works!

To be a leader others want to follow, managers need to set clear and attainable goals, provide the matching leadership style, and give appropriate feedback. The goal of a Situational Leader is to help others develop competence, motivation, and confidence. SLII® Leadership Model boosts the effectiveness, impact, and dedication of leaders and teaches them to behave in alignment with their good intentions and with what their people need.

Recognized as both a business language and a framework for employee development that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries, the foundation of SLII® lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person. 

Leveraging all the theory and design that has made SLII® the world’s most taught leadership training model for more than 35 years, our new learning design, The SLII® Experience™, uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII® quickly, deeply, and effectively.

Participants will learn to:

– Diagnose the development levels of employees and choose the appropriate leadership style
– Increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development
– Create a communication model for all levels of the organization to support cultural change and move toward a high-performance organization
– Become a flexible leader who is highly skilled at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening,  feedback, and proactive problem solving
– Increase individual and organizational accountability by linking goals and planned intentions to an action plan
– Learn a new language of leadership to partner for maximum productivity and morale

SLII® is delivered over 2 full days of face-to-face training with a four-part experience:

– LAUNCH—a portfolio of assignments to set the context for learning and engage learners in the content of SLII®
– LEARN—learning activities to teach leaders the three skills, the language, and the six conversations of a Situational Leader
– PRACTICE—learning activities to develop new skills through robust skill practice, applying what was learned to real work
– MASTER—strategies to deepen and extend the learning so that it becomes second nature to set SMART goals, diagnose development level, and use the matching leadership style

Who should attend:

Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness.

– Mid-level or new managers or supervisors
– Executives and senior-level managers.

INSTRUCTOR: Xenia Sotiriou-Goddard, Olive Consulting

Olive Consulting is the official Channel Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies for the Cayman Islands. The Ken Blanchard Companies is the global leader in management training. For more than 35 years, Blanchard has been creating the best managers in the world, training over 150,000 people each year. From the award-winning First-time Manager program—based on the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager®—to The SLII Experience™ the most widely taught leadership model in the world, Blanchard is the provider of choice of Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium businesses, governments, and educational and nonprofit organizations.

The fact is that most people get promoted to management without receiving the necessary management training. At Olive Consulting, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be positioned to make the most of their promotion and positively influence their teams and clients. Whether it’s honing a specific management skill or diving into something new, our experts can help you acquire the knowledge you’re looking for. Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels.

When you join a course led by Olive Consulting, you can start using your new skills right away. We believe in only teaching necessary content, which means everything you learn will be practical and easy to apply. All our programs are led by our skilled facilitators with extensive experience in Learning and Development or Human Resource Roles.


Cancellations must be received in writing 72 hours prior to the course in order to obtain a refund. No shows will be charged the full amount.


Parking is available in any VISITOR designated parking space.

The event is finished.


Nov 10 - 11 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce
Unit 4-107 Governors Square 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue Grand Cayman , Cayman Islands
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