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Executive Committee presents WORC recommendations

The Chamber’s Executive Committee met with the Premier in early December and presented six recommendations based on membership feedback to improve the processing of WORC applications.

Recommendations include the introduction of a risk-based approach to reduce the processing time for low-risk work permits so that the department can focus its resources and efforts on the roles most likely to be filled by Caymanians, the hiring and training of temporary contract staff to reduce backlogs and the introduction of a modified version of the long-considered good corporate citizen programme.

The Executive Committee meets monthly with the WORC management team. During these meetings, WORC provides regular updates on statistics and any improvements that are being introduced to administrative and online systems.

These meetings are extremely useful and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and possible solutions to improve the operations of WORC. The Executive Committee has requested a meeting with WORC and the Ministry in the new year to consider the recommendations.