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Family Resource Centre Encourages Community to Rethink Parenting

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) is taking to the airwaves with a challenge to the community to Rethink Parenting.

 Rethink Parenting is a radio show which the FRC will be hosting in partnership with BOBO 89.1 FM in an effort to empower parents with practical, positive strategies to support families in an effort to foster happy and healthy connections,” stated FRC Programme Coordinator Anne-Marie Diaz.

The series will begin on Tuesday, September 6th, and will run on a weekly basis. 

The first topic on the agenda is “Positive Parenting Strategies” where FRC Parent Facilitator Miles Ruby will be speaking about the positive impact of parenting from a place of control and empathy.  Furthermore, parent coaches will be discussing the benefits of praise and positive reinforcement as well as strategies to set appropriate limits and expectations on behaviour.

The goal of the Rethink Parenting radio segments is to provide positive parenting strategies to add to parents’ toolbox in an effort to improve parent’s confidence and effectiveness in dealing with children’s challenging behaviour while improving the parent-child relationship. Additionally, through this medium, FRC hopes to broaden its reach into the community and help improve the lives of families in the Cayman Islands.

Listeners to the show will also be able to pose questions during live interviews and send topics of interest to to help inform upcoming segments.

Rethink Parenting will air on Tuesdays at 8pm on BOBO 89.1FM.  Show recordings will be available on the FRC’s Facebook page @familyresourcecentre.

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Issued by: Department of Counseling Services / Family Resource Centre (CIG)