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Get Ready Now for Hurricane Season

Over the next several months Hazard Management Cayman Islands will be sending a monthly round-up of tips that you can use to ensure your family is ready for any emergency.

Please find attached the social media posts that we will use in June to promote public awareness of hurricane preparedness for your use as needed. We encourage you to share them wherever you think it may be useful. We will send our next mailer at the start of July.

If you have not yet done so we urge you to take the time to read through the hurricane preparedness brochure on our website available at .

You may also find it helpful to take the time to fill out our simple emergency plan template, which offers tips on the steps you can take now to keep your loved ones safe in an emergency.

The template is available at .

Take the time now to know your risks, make a plan, get a kit and stay informed.