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Government, Community Police Officers meet

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Community Safety Officers Programme in the Eastern Districts will continue following a review of the initiative on Thursday.

Premier Hon. Wayne Panton, Deputy Premier Hon. Chris Saunders and Cabinet colleagues, met with Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers and Community Safety Officers to discuss the programme.

“We are still reviewing existing policies and programmes to determine if they are effective,” said Mr. Panton. “If not, we will make changes for improvements; however, in the case of the Community Safety Officers Programme, we liked what we heard and see no need for any immediate changes.”

The Community Safety Officers programme was established on a pilot program basis at the end of 2019 to increase community engagement and connectivity and help build community safety and security as part of a core government objective.

The officers said at the meeting that the CSO programme plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life of people in the communities and they are constantly working to improve the service they provided.

The Community Officers said they appreciate the Government’s decision to support the initiative and that they were encouraged and expressed gratitude for the community spirit that the programme has afforded them.