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Government Reassures People After 2 COVID Positive

Government leaders held a second consecutive press conference today (Thursday, 9 September 2021), this time to assure people that health authorities are continuing contact tracing after two community transmissions of COVID 19 were detected and both have been quarantined.

They also encouraged people to refrain from public gathering for at least the next 24 hours, if not 48 hours, out of an abundance of caution, as well as to follow established COVID-19 safety protocols such as mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand-washing particularly if they are vulnerable individuals.

In attendance at the press conference at the GIS Studio in GAB were His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper, Premier, Hon. Wayne Panton; Health Minister, Hon. Sabrina Turner, Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly as well as Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee, Commissioner of Police Mr. Derek Byrne, HSA CEO Ms Lizette Yearwood and Medical Director Dr. Delroy Jefferson. Rev. Jerome Small of St. George’s Anglican Church led prayers at the start.

Tracing of contacts with the two individuals, who are in hospital and at a government run quarantine facility respectively, are actively underway by Public Health authorities. The results of further tests on the two individuals and from the contact tracing will be shared with the nation in another press conference tomorrow (Friday, 10 September).

However, they reiterated that Government authorities have the current situation well in hand, as well as being adequately prepared for dealing with the risks of the disease possibly manifesting as community transfers with the scheduled Phase 4 border reopening on 14 October.

Additionally, the nation was advised that negative test results were returned for two Clifton Hunter student relatives of the two local COVID patients. However, out of an abundance of caution, the two students have been placed in 14-day quarantine. (See separate Government release titled: “Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS) Activates COVID 19 Response.”)

Once again, those not yet vaccinated were strongly encouraged to get the double jabs to ensure they and the community are better protected from the risk of COVID transmissions.

Other takeaways from the press conference include:

  • Regulations in place will be enforced by the Police in place in relation to quarantining including breaches. Prosecutions will be diligently followed, where warranted.
  • All should do their individual part to practise preventive protocols including mask wearing wherever currently required such as in healthcare centres, omni and school buses, maintaining social distancing and frequent handwashing.
  • The Flu Clinic, the Flu Hotline and the Respiratory Care Unit at the CI Hospital are reactivated. The Flu Hotline is now open at 947-3077 or 1-800-534-8600 or by email at The Flu Clinic starts on 13 September and will be open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. It will be located at the far left of A&E at the CI Hospital with parking available for it at the Seventh Day Adventist Church parking lot.
  • Vaccinations were encouragingly up today.
  • A lockdown will be a last resort. However, to avoid a lockdown, all should do their individual part of help diminish possible community spread so borders can be reopened and the economy boosted.
  • Recent breaches of quarantine seen were by locals interacting with travellers in isolation.
  • Visitor restrictions in the in-patient sections of the CI Hospital are underway.
  • Despite the worrying news of the two local transmissions, Cayman Islands is in a safe position.
  • Newest Mu variant has not manifested in the Cayman Islands.

            The link to view the press conference on CIG YouTube channel is


Submitted by: Government Information Services (GIS, CIG)