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Grand Cayman Chosen for Multi-Film Production Project; Filming Begins Next Week

Beginning next week and over the next few months, a series of feature films will be filmed in Grand Cayman. Circumstances around the world with the global Covid-19 pandemic have hindered film producers for the past year. The Cayman Islands attracted the attention of William Santor and the team at Productivity Media as a locale where film production could take place in a safe and sophisticated environment.

During the past few months, Santor worked extensively with the Cayman Islands Government’s Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime Affairs, the Film Commission, Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC), and Customs & Border Control to arrange and facilitate a multi-film production deal between Productivity Media and Darius Films. A fourth film will be produced between Productivity Media and Balcony 9. 

The cast and crew have complied with Government’s stringent and mandatory quarantine and testing measures that have stopped community transmission of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, in the three Cayman Islands. While here, they will be building local capacity and expertise by hiring local Caymanians, to train and develop their skills with practical hands-on experience. 

Welcoming the producers, cast and crew, MITIAMA Chief Officer Eric Bush stated: “I am delighted that the Cayman Islands has become a true contender in the highly competitive arena of global film production. This multi-film project will contribute immensely to Cayman’s growing film industry.”

Bush continued, “The producers’ choice of the Cayman Islands for these films showcase its world class sophistication, which combines global talent, modern infrastructure, amazing natural assets and true uniqueness of this British Overseas Territory.”

Santor echoed that sentiment: “We are delighted to announce this first-ever multi-picture collaboration with the Government of the Cayman Islands. Their vision to develop and foster a robust film industry is very exciting, while offering a safe and secure place for production in these unprecedented times. We will shoot four feature films in the Cayman Islands – three with our partners at Darius Films and a fourth film planned with Balcony 9.  We’re excited to get started with our first film, Blue Iguana, next week.”