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Inclusion at Cayman Spirits Company

Chamber President Elect and owner of the Cayman Spirits Company, Nelson Dilbert, believes in inclusion. “There are people in our society who may have different mental and/or physical abilities. It’s nice to see that we are able to offer a position in our company which can accommodate the skills that they have” he said.

For two days each week, Matthew, a client of Sunrise Adult Training Centre works at the company, helps with the  “Seven Fathoms Rum and Cola” production line. He helps to fill bottles for one of the most popular Cayman Spirits’ product.

Mr. Dilbert first got in touch with Inclusion Cayman at a Rotary Club fundraising barbeque in support of Sunrise Training Centre. Inclusion Cayman is a local non-profit that is passionate about getting businesses like Mr. Nelson’s to include people with disabilities in the business community.

“Suzette Stewart, Sunrise’s Vocational Programme Coordinator, reached out and asked if any of the companies present could help provide jobs for their clients.” Mr. Dilbert was happy to offer a position in his business and pleased to help. 

Mr. Dilbert is quick to point out that it is really a win-win situation. “We are enjoying having Matthew here working for us as much as he enjoys being here,” he said. Matthew is very good at concentrating on small details; making sure everything is exactly right, before he passes his finished work on to a coworker.

Although he is really excellent at what he does, Mr. Dilbert plans to place Matthew in different positions within the company, developing his skills and growing his confidence. Mathew can be found greeting tour guests with tons of handshakes and smiles. “Mathew is proving to be a real asset to Cayman Spirits team,” Mr. Dilbert said.

To learn more about Inclusion Cayman, attend our free Lunch & Learn session on 20 September 2022. To sign up (click here)


Photo (L-R): Nelson Dilbert, owner of the Cayman Spirits Company, with Matthew, Inclusion Cayman client