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International Women’s Day Shoots for a Double

International Women’s Day was marked by the Family Resource Centre (FRC) with not one but two photo shoots on Monday, 8 March 2021. As part of its Honouring Women Month observances, FRC opted to celebrate the global campaign with image taking on the steps of the Government Administration Building and outside the Apollo House West.

The annual observation, themed ‘Choose to Challenge,’ attracted mainly civil servants at the first location and included the Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson. The Head of the Civil Service, was joined by a number of senior managers including Portfolio of the Civil Service Chief Officer, Mrs. Gloria McField-Nixon; Ministry of Community Affairs Chief Officer, Ms Teresa Echenique; Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport Chief Officer Mr. Stran Bodden and Acting Chief Officer in the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing, Ms Nellie Pouchie.

The second shoot involved staff from the Department of Counselling Services, WORC (Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman) and Department of Children and Family Services.

For details about the remaining Honouring Women Month calendar, visit familyresourcecentre Facebook page or