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Junior achievement expands programme into all Cayman high schools

Junior Achievement is expanding into all of Cayman’s high schools in in 2023, says JA Cayman Executive Director, Swan Sandoval. Ms. Sandoval was brought onboard as full time Executive Director in November last year, following the Chamber’s agreement to transfer the program’s operations from Rotary over a two-year phased transition.  Junior Achievement is part of a worldwide programme that teaches high school students aged between 15 and 17 the secrets of economic and business success, and it was first introduced to Cayman by Rotary Club in 1991.

This year the programme is attracting many more schools and students: “Before, the program operated in about four or five schools. But now we have ten schools, both public and private, including one home schooling group,” Ms. Sandoval explained, “That means that this year, around 300 students are taking part in the program altogether.”

So far, Ms. Sandoval has almost found enough volunteers to facilitate the first programme, Economics for Success, which is due to start in February. “Thanks to all the support from the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Central, and the schools we have managed to sign up over 20 volunteers to help usher the Economics for Success programme.”

“Junior Achievement has been shown to positively impact the social and economic development of the communities where it takes place. But we need help from the business community. Along with volunteers, we urgently seeking sponsors, to be able to provide the resources needed for all the new students who have joined the program this year.”

If you are interested in serving a corporate sponsor or JA volunteer you can contact Swan directly at 743-9124 or by email at