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Leadership Cayman surpasses goal of $25,000 for Boyz2Men

What better way of putting all that Leadership Cayman (LC) 2022 Class has learned to the test, than by locking into the Chamber conference room until reaching the target of $25,000 for Boyz2Men.

Leadership Cayman is the Chamber’s elite 6 month leadership programme that elevates Cayman’s managers by exposing them to 12 industry seminars guided by industry experts in the public and private sector. It was time for the class to give back. LC 2022 chose the Boyz2Men charity as they saw the direct benefit to their community.

Bubbling over with excitement and fundraising ideas, the LC 2022 filed into the conference room at Governor’s Square, early on Saturday 18 June. Just to make it a bit more interesting, all privileges (including coffee and smartphones) were taken away until certain fundraising milestones were reached.  Privileges were restored as the funds quickly started rolling in from corporate and individual contributors. After everyone had enjoyed lunch at the $15,000 milestone, the target of $25,000 was began edging into view. But really it wasn’t only about reaching a target so that everyone could finish and go home. LC 2022 really wanted to give as many people in Cayman the chance to write themselves into the next chapter of Boyz2Men’s amazing story of success.

That story began back in 2009 after School Counsellor and Boyz2Men Chairman, Christopher Murray, noticed some of the boys he came across drifting into trouble because, he felt, they lacked strong, positive male role models. Mr. Murray decided to start setting things right forming the Boyz2Men, a mentorship program with a difference. By taking the boys on fishing trips, and showing them the boys that you gain respect from others as you respect yourself, he began to see a positive changes in the boys’ behavior.  Since then, the program has grown year by year as more boys saw a change in their classmates and wanted to join up too.

During the day, Mr. Murray and Director Seaford Russell, who was one of the first three members of the Boyz2Men group, expressed their desire to extend the program beyond John Gray and Clifton Hunter high schools. But of course, they need funds to do so. “It is hard to find the words that really describe my feelings for what Leadership Cayman is doing today. We are extremely appreciative and grateful and humbled for this effort. A thousand thanks to everyone,” Mr. Murray said.

As the day wore on, more and more businesses and individuals came forward to donate, including the Premier, Hon. Wayne Panton, MP who made a donation following a phone call from one of the LC team. Both the Hon. Kenneth Bryan, MP,  and Hon. André Ebanks, MP, praised Boyz2Men and Leadership Cayman for their wonderful achievements. Mr. Ebanks encouraged everyone by staying behind and phoning some of his contacts, thereby raising several thousand dollars more for the cause, and helping to push the total far beyond their initial target.   

As Chamber CEO and LC alumnus, Wil Pineau and said, “It’s amazing that Leadership Cayman has achieved so much in such a little time and that they’re giving back to these young men in our community who really need our support. I believe this Leadership Cayman class has set the bar for all leadership classes going forward.”

 “It is really impressive to see this creative approach to fundraising which not only meets an immediate financial need, but also raises awareness and garners community support for the charity. We need more of helping our young men to challenge their energy into positive activities, so I’m thrilled that this Leadership class chose such a worthwhile endeavor” said Chamber President and LC alumnus, Shomari Scott.

The final amount raised by the Leadership Cayman 2022 class will be announced in the following days. Stay tuned via Chamber website and social media to find out.