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Loan Finance Available For Overseas Territories Students Studying in England

Overseas Territories students starting their studies in England in the 2022 to 2023 academic year will be eligible for tuition fee loans.

Caymanian students studying in the UK already benefit from being charged the same as British students for their tuition, as opposed to the more expensive overseas student fees. Now they will also be eligible to apply for a loan to help them pay those fees.

“This decision makes it even more attractive for Caymanians to further their education in one of the great English Universities, and in doing so strengthen the UK’s links with Cayman. There are currently 300 Caymanian students in UK. Now that the UK has made tuition fee loans available to Overseas Territories students from the 22/23 academic year, I hope there will be many more. This policy demonstrates the UK’s commitment to supporting British Overseas Territories students and will help even more people study at an academic institution in England.”  Governor Roper expressed.

Students are eligible for financial loans if:

  • they come from specified British Overseas Territories,
  • are beginning full-time and part-time undergraduate courses in the 2022/2023 academic year, More information on GOV.UK

Submitted by: Cayman Islands Government (CIG)